14 December 2015

Junior Maiko Kikune

Maiko Kikune in her summer attire
Watashi no namae wa Kikune desu 

Maiko no Hanafusa Okiya
Senior Maiko Kikutsuru is my ohumble oneesan

Before i became Kikune, my name was Kokoro. I was born in the town of Kamakura and lived a short distance from the beach where my father sold soba, corn on a stick and cold drinks to tourists.  I often would walk up to the Daibutsu and enter into the great statue by way of descending stairs.  One day as I was looking out of the stomach peep hole of the Daibutsu I saw a geisha praying and leave an offering.  I suddenly realized the meaning of obasans story.  I had spend much of my life inside of a shell afraid and  looking out at the world.  I decided then that I waned to seek an okiya and train to be geisha.  I would embrace simplicity, put others first and desire little. I would become a rare flower floating on the river to be a pleasure to all that met me along my journey.

1 December 2015

December Kitsuke

December... first month of winter but last month of the year. It has both sweet and bitter taste. Cold winds with snowflakes fly around the Miyagawacho hanamachi, making everyone hide in their houses or gather at ochaya. December... a finishing touch of year 2015...

Geiko Kikuyu

Geiko Kikuyu is wearing black susohiki with painted auspicious motif, that is worn mostly in the end of Autumn and the beginning of winter. We can also see cranes, that are symbols of long life and prosperity. Also cranes are symbolizing future Winter Celebrations.
Kikuyu-okaasan has decided that golden obi shall suit her magnificent hikizuri, and she was right! The obi decorated with multi-seasonal motifs. It is tied in taiko musubi knot("drum knot" as musubi means knot or tie).
Her katsura(wig) is decorates with small but very stylish hairpin, that is also the mon of Hanafusa okiya

Sr Maiko Kikutsuru

Maiko Kikutsuru, the atatori of Hanafusa okiya, this December is wearing rare and very beautiful hikizuri - it has maple leafs hand-painted on soft blue background. supposedly, it symbolizes that Autumn is now over and cold Winter has begun. 
Her obi is woven, with maioughi pattern. If we look closer, we can see that maioughi are decorated with pine trees(winter tree).
Kikutsuru onesan hairstyle is decorated with special December kanzashi, that feature bamboo leaves and special two maneki(tiny blank tags).

Jr Maiko Kikumaru

Kikumaru san, the second maiko in Hanafusa okiya, is wearing strong purple hikizuri with very winter motif - pine trees covered with snow. Pine tree can also be auspicious motif, due to fact that pine tree is an evergreen and lives for many years. Also this hikizuri is used mostly my Sr Maiko, meaning that Kikumaru san is soon to have her mizuage.
Her eri has auspicious crane motif.
Her obi is woven, decorated with golden threads. Stunning!
As she is still Jr Maiko, her hairstyle is called Wareshinobu and is decorated with special seasonal kanzashi. 

Jr Maiko Kikuyumi

For first month of winter, Maiko Kikuyumi has chosen soft blue hikizuri, that is embroided with many many white snowflakes. 
Her obi is woven and has crane origami pattern. Over time, cranes have also evolved as a favorite subject of the tradition of paper folding – origami. It is said that a thousand folded cranes, one for each year of its life, makes a wish come true.
Maiko Kikuyumi is Jr Maiko, just like her neesan Maiko Kikumaru, her hairstyle is Wareshinobu. Her hair is decorated with special December kazashi, that feature colorful assortment of lucky charms and two two maneki(tiny blank tags), which will be autographed by her 2 favorite Kabuki actors during Kaomise Soken.
* Kaomise soken - During the first week of December maiko visit the Minamiza theater and have the tags of the maneki kanzashi signed by their favourite kabuki actors.

27 November 2015

November Kitsuke

Maiko and geiko greet last month of autumn in wonderful mood - new Maiko Kikuyumi, little Hanafusa flower, that has debuted and Maiko Kikumaru, passing her special tea ceremony exam have made the first half of the month. Second half of the month was packed with banquets and  ozashiki. Its a pity that cold wind makes you not want to leave the warm and cozy kotatsu :)

Geiko Kikuyu

Okaasan Kikuyu is wearing a magnificent susohiki with eye-catching design - maple leaves on soft pink background - a very traditional autumn motif. For its creation the best and most expensive silks were used.
Obi is decorated with golden chrysanthemums on orange background. In Japan, the chrysanthemum is a symbol of the Emperor and the Imperial family. In particular, a mon of chrysanthemum blossom design, indicates a link to the Emperor. The chrysanthemum is also considered to be the seasonal flower of October BUT can be used as a specific autumn motif.

Sr Maiko Kikutsuru

For November, Maiko Kikutsuru has chosen beautiful white hikizuri, with falling maple leafs, chrysanthemum flowers painted by famous kimono artist. Textile is exquisite silk and has soft and comfortable touch.
Please notice the eri(collar) - it is white with red part on the back and it shows us that she is senior Maiko.
Her Darari obi (very long sash, worn by maiko - can be 600 centimeters) and has black and yellow geometrical motif on it. The green background of the obi really suits the green maple leaves on the hikizuri and makes the whole ensemble look stunning.
Her hairstyle is Ofuku and is decorated with kanzashi, that represent ginko leaves.

Jr Maiko Kikumaru

Jr Maiko Kikumaru has decided to wear this stunning hikizuri  that has carefully painted chrysantemum flowers, maple leafs and small snow piles on deep red background. 
Her eri is richly embroided with white treads but still we can see the red cloth - it means that she's still Jr Maiko.
Textile is exquisite glossy silk. 
Her obi is green, with yellow clouds painted on it. Clouds represent elegance and high status. In Buddhism, clouds signify the ‘Western Paradise’ beyond earth; and in Shintoism, the spirits of the dead. 

Jr Maiko Kikuyumi

I introduce you, Maiko Kikuyumi of Hanafusa Okiya, who has debuted only some days ago.
Little Yumi chan is wearing soft green hikizuri with autumn flowers and leafs on it. It looks similar to her oneesan's hikizuri, symbolizing that they are sisters. 
Her eri(collar) has crane embroidery on it.
The Darari obi of Kikuyumi chan has crane pattern embroidered on it. Tsuru(crane) - is symbol of longevity and good luck and is always referred to as “the bird of happiness”. 
Her hairstyle is wareshinobu and is decorated with seasonal shidare kanzashi :) Let's all wish her luck on the hard path she has chosen !

15 November 2015

First chanoyu(tea ceremony) of Maiko Kikumaru

Not only we had ozashiki yesterday. One very special event also took place on Friday 13th - Maiko Kikumaru performed her first tea ceremony for her okiya okaasan and sisters. This was exam which she passed. This means that soon she will be entering her saninmae rank or, in other words, soon we will have Mizuage celebrations and new Senior Maiko:)

But before let us remember the quote of Okakura Kakuz┼Ź: 
“Meanwhile, let us have a sip of tea. The afternoon glow is brightening the bamboos, the fountains are bubbling with delight, the soughing of the pines is heard in our kettle. Let us dream of evanescence and linger in the beautiful foolishness of things.” 

14 November 2015

Ozashiki in Hanahusa ochaya

Yesterday, Hanahusa ochaya hold ozashiki in order to celebrate to the end of Autumn. Maiko of Hanafusa okiya skilfully entertained guests and patrons, while 2 little minarai watched and helped with offering refreshments. In the end of ozashiki Maiko Kikutsuru danced a beautiful seasonal dance while Maiko Kikumaru accompanied with Koto( traditional Japanese stringed musical instrument about 180 centimeters length, made from Paulownia wood with 13 strings that are strung over 13 movable bridges along the width of the instrument).  

(All photos were kindly made by our dear guest Isoldel-san)

3 November 2015

Photos from Mizuekai 2015

On October 31st Miyagawacho kaburenjo has hosted 3rd annual Mizuekai during which guests could enjoy beautiful dances, poems and kabuki play created by Hanafusa okiya members.
Geiko Kikuyu in the role of narrating
Maiko Kikutsuru in the roles of Obaasan and Lead dancer
Maiko Kikumaru in the role of the Priest and Lead dancer
Minarai Kikuyumi in the role as Nobleman and Dancer

Act 1:  Odori no Aki

Act 2: Kabuki - The Fortune teller priest
Act 3: Kabuki - The Fortune teller priest

Act 4: Odori no Momiji - Dragon Boy tale

Act 5: Manzai odori

27 October 2015

October kitsuke

Long awaited October kitsuke of Hanafusa ladies has arrived!
October is called "the month of Chrysanthemum" and for Hanafusa ladies it is also very special month that is said to bring great luck("Kiku" part of the name means chrysanthemum). This is also the month when geiko, maiko and minarai switch over to lined kimono. Now lets have a look :)

Geiko Kikuyu


For October Okaasan has chosen beautiful purple lined susohiki.
Her obi is golden and has a woven pattern - the one who created this obi has created truly a masterpiece - we can see every detail of the house and trees.
In her right hand Okaasan Kikuyu is holding mai oughi - special fan for the dance.

Sr Maiko Kikutsuru  

Maiko Kikutsuru is wearing tender pink base hikizuri with many faded yellow maple leafs. The woven obi was chosen with great taste and is strong purple with silver and has the motif of a bridge filled with chrysantemums. 
Her hairstyle is called Ofuku and is decorated with seasonal kanzashi. For this month it is Chrysanthemum, which is flower of the month. (these flowers are well loved in Japan and are a symbol of the Imperial Family). As Maiko Kikutsuru is Senior maiko, she is wearing only one big chrysanthemum in her hair. 

Jr Maiko Kikumaru 

Maiko Kikumaru is wearing striped hikizuri with faded willow leafs. Her obi is amazing - she's wearing silver obi with beautiful women combs painted and embroidered. 
Her hairstyle is Jr one and is called wareshinobu and is worn by maiko for the first 2-3 years.
Her hair is also decorated with seasonal kanzashi but instead of one big chrysanthemum Maiko Kikutsuru wears, she's wearing cluster of small chrysanthemums

Minarai Kikuyumi
* Minarai(literary "watch and learn","learn by watching") is a short stage before debut as maiko. Young Minarai visits ozashiki with her older sister and observes the work of her oneesan. In miyagawacho, after 2 weeks from the minaraia maiko starts wearing hikizuri, kanzashi and obi of jr maiko. 

Minarai Kikuyumi is wearing for the month of October a red base hikizuri with stunning chrysanthemums. Her obi is green with maple leafs.
Her hairstyle is same as Kikumaru san, but Kikuyumi chan is also wearing shedare kanzashi(long chains of silk flowers)

Mizuekai 2015

Our annual Fall dance is soon arriving, Mizuekai will be held in 5 scenes on October 31 between 11 am and 12 pm slt.

The odori will be in these acts:
Odori no Aki
The fortune teller priest 1 /Kabuki
The fortune teller priest 2 (Kabuki)
Momiji no Odori
Manzai Odori

Particpants: Geiko Kikuyu, Maiko Kikutsuru,Maiko Kikumaru,Minarai Kikuyumi

24 October 2015

Hanafusa Okiya announcement

 We are open in reweaving applications for the Okiya trainee program. For questions please contact Kikuyuu resident ( Geiko Kikuyu and Okaasan) or Kikutsuru (atotori Miehina resident). We will not be looking at applications between November 20th and January 9th

Happy Autumn from Hanafusa Okiya Ladies!

9 September 2015

September Kitsuke

Its Autumn outside your window? The cold autumn wind reminds you of the end of summer? Than come to Miyagawacho Hanamachi, as in Japan, September is last summer month :)

Geiko Kikuyu

 For this last summer month, geiko Kikuyu has chosen amazing black susohiki, with scenery painted on her hem - we can see waves of water flowing on the shore where magnificent trees grow. Near this beauty, the symbol of Japan - crane - is walking gracefully, reminding us about the coming autumn

Sr Maiko Kikutsuru

Sr Maiko Kikutsuru decided to wear a beautiful hikizuri with gradation between yellow, red and purple with summer grass and bellflower motifs.(P.S. when i was younger, perhaps minarai, i thought that those were not bellflowers but autumn leaves. I dont know why giggle)

Jr Maiko KIkumaru

 Jr Maiko Kikumaru is wearing cute hikizuri with soft green background and maple leafs and branches. We can see green leafs of summer, but there're also yellow leafs of autumn - this is kind of reminder for us that autumn is around the corner, so we need to prepare  as well as enjoy those last days of summer days :)

18 August 2015

Shikomi Chiyo has passed her exam!

A new minarai in Hanafusa okiya soon!

Chiyo chan passed her Dance exam! She also passed the theory.
Soon she will be known under a new name… Kiku… have a guess if you like^_^
Her Minarai debut is yet to be announced but i bet it's going to be really soon ;)

Omedetou san dosu Chiyo chan!
Your oneesan and neesan wish you luck and prosperity and promise to help you on you path of becoming a beautiful flower of Karyukai

Phtoto from Yukatakai 2015

Pictures from this years Yukatakai:) thank you Kyoko san and Isoldel san for these marvelous photos :)

Geiko Kikuyu(okaasan)
Maiko Kikutsuru(atatori)
Maiko Kikumaru
Shikomi Chiyo(soon debut as minarai)
Shikomi Kiyomi

Dear guests and patrons,
Ookini san dosu for attending our odori! 
We hope to see you on our next performances 

15 August 2015

Yukatakai 2015

On Saturday 15th(august) the Geiko, Maiko and shikomi of Hanafusa okiya perform in the Summer odori - Yukata Kai
You are welcome to come enjoy this 4 act performance.
Time of arrival: 10.55 am slt
Time odori begin: 11 am slt
Time odori ends: 12 pm slt
Pictures after are to be taken in the room between exit and theater audience room.
Maiko + Shikomi will attend photo shoot.
During performance you may take pictures as long as they do not interfere the performance.

Here's you rikshah: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nadine/86/84/29

5 August 2015

August Kitsuke of Hanafusa Okiya Members

Okaasan Kikuyu has chosen soft pink Susohiki with beautiful flowers and dark wisteria obi. Her Katsura is decorated with a tortoiseshell comb and a delicate hairpin

Sr Maiko Kikutsuru is wearing elegant black hikizuri with summer pattern and ro obi with summer grass pattern. Her hair is decorated with one of traditional kanzashi of the August - Morning Glory(asagao).

Maiko Kikumaru has chosen sweet pink hikizuri with  yagasuri pattern (one of her favorite) and a beautiful ro obi. Traditionally, her hair is decorated with susuki grass. The susuki grass appears as a starburst of spines. Senior maiko wear white-backed silver petals and junior maiko wear pink-backed silver petals. Such is the tradition:)

1 July 2015


Maiko Kikutsuru,Kikumaru and Kikuno performs a dance with coordinating poems of Maiko in the Summer. They re wearing mesh hikizuri by Isoldel san and textures by Kikutsuru san :)
Maiko Kikutsuru performs a solo dance in honor of the Wisteria. Please enjoy photos by Kyoko san :)

New Shikomi in Hanafusa okiya - Aiko chaaaan :)

Aiko comes from a small farming town near Kyoto where she lived with her parents. On a trip into Kyoto when she was small, Aiko was able to catch a glimpse of a beautifully dressed Maiko hurrying to her next appointment. That image left a grand impression on the girl. For the next few years, Aiko would try to collect and learn as much information as she could on Geiko. She hung advertisements for Odori onto her walls, read books at the library and she would even sneak into her mother’s makeup to paint her bottom lip the red, innocent way of the junior Maiko; anything so that she would feel closer to their world.
    Years later, while talking to her parents about what she wanted to do in life, Aiko told them that she wished to study the ways of the Geiko. Very shocked by this, her parents tried to dissuade her because of their fear of letting their small daughter go off into such a big city. However,  her parents finally let her make the journey to Kyoto to begin her life as a Shikomi.

21 June 2015

Miyagawacho Museum event in June

Today Maiko Kikutsuru and Maiko Kikumaru performed two summer dances answered questions about training, career and kitsuke; they also told some personal stories of how they entered this world. It was also first appearance in new mesh kimono by Isoldel san and textures by Kikutsuru san:)
Photos by Isoldel san