Kyoto Kagai Sim

Here's you riksha to our sim: >>>>> Kyoto kagai <<<<<

Kyoto offers various rentals from a poor student`s room to huge Machiya (town houses) for whole families. Homes are available with 15 - 100 prims
Store rentals with Japanese theme or without varies between 10 - 50 prims.
In addition to enjoying a day or life with your family in Kyoto,  you can also choose to rp, There are many positions available (call in at the information centre for further details)

-Kyoto Facilities-

-Hanafusa Okiya - 
Geiko training under the watchful eye of Okaasan Kikuyu
-Hanahusa Ochaya-
Weekly Public and Private Banqueting services
Enjoy a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony as our honoured guest/s

-Nature Gardens-
Kyoto has luscious gardens at every turn. There is sure to be one in which you can find serenity or take the perfect photo.
-Shinto Shrines, replicas of the famous RL Kyoto Shrines-
A beautiful shrine for the spiritual side of your being
Enjoy performances from our own Maiko & Geiko of Hanafusa Okiya along with guest performances from traditional Kabuki performers
-Hana Ryokan (Guest House)-
For those who wish to spend a little more time in our company. Rooms available by the day or longer periods/permanent tenancy
-Onsen (Hot Springs)-
Come and relax in our Onsen and let the soothing waters wash away your cares and woes. (Bathing costumes provided free of charge)
-Machiya (Town house) Rental
-Store Rental 

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