7 November 2014

Maiko Kikumaru

Maiko Kikumaru in her Summer attire
Watashi no namae wa Kikumaru desu
* * *
I am Senior Maiko at Hanafusa okiya in Miyagawacho Hanamachi.
My oneesan is Sr Maiko Kikutsuru, who has taken me under her wing and i am and will gratefull to her my every single day.
Geiko Kikuyu is my humble okaasan and if you have any complaints or compliments regarding my behaviour please direct them to her - ookini san dosu.
 ════════════════════════ .♥.
Before i became maiko Kikumaru i was known as Katsumi, meaning victorious beauty. I was born in a town called Yamagato in the Tohoku region. Here all the story begins....
My father, Kiyoshi Kawaguchi, is kimono artist and holds a small shop. I used to see him painting hikizuri and susohiki even for Kyoto maiko and geiko.
My mother, Ayako Kawaguchi, was geiko in Pontocho and was said to be a very good dancer. She did leave the profession after marrying my father but she didn't loose her talent as she continued to dance for her children...
Its all thanks to her i have decided to leave my small town and try to become an apprentice geiko. I have seen many okiya on my way, old and new, but when i came to Hanafusa Okiya i understood, that here's the place i was looking for, here is the place where i will leave my heart and soul...

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