29 April 2015

We have a new shikomi - her name is Harumi

I Was born in Toyono Japan. I came from a family of 5 sisters and 2 brothers. My father was with many different women as I grew up. I chose to stay and live with my biological mother, step father and 2 sisters. Loving the rest of her relatives from a distance.
I was not born from a well financed family me and my family were still able to make life happy and cheerful. Although my mother made sure me&my sisters get education. I loved drawing and painting. Alot of art came to my mind as I had gotten to the age of 16. I wanted to be something well-known as and filled with beauty. As I studies more of the artistic styles seeing a painting of a Geisha known as Geiko in Kyoto. In the painting she was very beautiful and was known for her performances across all Japan. I then quit my schooling and got a side job to save up money to have the life as a Geiko. Though my mother was not very happy with my choice but wanted to support me. Saving all we could and sending me off to my dream.

27 April 2015

Hahafusa Okiya has new shikomi - her name is Chiyo

My name is Chiyo, meaning thousand generations. I was born in Karama a little fishing village on the slopes of Mount Fuji.
My father was a fisher and my mother took care of me until she fell ill.
I did all in my power to carry forward the home and to take care of my sick mum while I was looking for a way to give an hand to my family.
My father did all what was in his possibilities also to cure her but any efforts was un useful. She died after many months of suffering.
When my father told me that he couldn't take care of me anymore, I left my home and I have walked for long time before arrive to Kyoto. There I was welcomed in my first Okiya called Nishimura. I started my studies but the Okiya did close after a short time and I had too re-started my walk without  knowing where I could go.
At the end I arrived in Miyagawacho Hanamachi where Hanafusa Okiya's Okaasan accepted me as her trainee and I have now been established here with this new family that will never leave me.

Finally at Home ^_^

15 April 2015

Kyo odori coming soon!

Kyo Odori coming to Miyagawacho hanamachi  April 26th at 10.50 am slt - 12 am slt! 
Please come and enjoy dances by Maiko and Geiko of Hanafusa okiya. 
Welcome the Spring in Miyagawacho Kabuenjo 

13 April 2015

April Kitsuke

Geiko Kikuyu
Okaasan Kikuyu is wearing beautiful multi Spring silk susohiki with amazing dyed flower pattern. Amny little flowers are carefully painted on the silk with a hand of a skillful artist. Its a rare sight to see geiko wearing susohiki with this type of pattern, but it happens from time to time, for example yabane(arrow shaft/arrow feathers), multi flowers and stripes or little snowflakes.
Her golden obi is a unique piece with beautiful almost not seen woven pattern, which is dyed. It is tied in taiko musubi knot("drum knot" as musubi means knot or tie).
Her juban(thin kimono that is worn under the susohiki) is pink with flower motif. Juban of Maiko and Geiko are different from the juban ordinary people wear - on its sode(sleeves) and from knee are to the ankle area it has different patterns or sometimes ornaments while ordinary people wear pure white juban. The maiko and geiko juban can be red, pink and sometimes white but with pink or red flowers on it.
In her hands she is holding pink kago with Sakura - popular motif, especially for april, as sakuran beging to bloom all around Japan.

*  Susohiki is usually worn by geiko or by stage performers of the traditional Japanese dance. Susohiki literally means "trail the skirt". It is quite long, compared to regular kimono, because the skirt is supposed to trail along the floor. As geiko walks, her trailing skirt reminds a beautiful tail of a goldfish.

Sr Maiko Kikutsuru
On 26th of April Saninmae Maiko Kikutsuru will become Yoninmae Maiko. Omedetou san dosu Kikutsuru san! 
*Yoninmae Maiko is last stage of Senior Maiko. After it is 2 periods of wearing specific hairtyles: firstly Yakko Shimada hairstyle and after Y.S. goes Sakkou hairstyle. After 2 weeks of wearing Sakkou maiko has erikae or ceremony of "turning the collar" while she is presented as new grown geiko.

Senior Maiko Kikutsuru is wearing a glamorous back hikizuri with charming flower painted carefully on the silk. You can notice the flowers on the hikizuri are arranged in spring-style ekibana. The background is black is to notice maiko under Textile is exquisite soft silk.
The darari obi is longer than the one worn by Geiko Kikuyu; it is also tied in a special knot, worn only by maiko. It is silver it suits the hikizuri well.
In her hands she is holding  heavy kago - special bag with stuff that maiko can need during ozashiki(spare tabi socks, dancing fan and other dancing objects, comb, mirror, special small box with lipstick and white powder). Mobile phones are forbidden! they do not suit the maiko image.
Her hairstyle is called Ofuku(Sr maiko Hairstyle). Once a week(traditionaly) maiko goes to the hairdresser to have her hair done. After that, Maiko are not permitted to wash their hair for an entire week as not to destroy their elaborate hairstyle.

Jr Maiko Kikumaru
On 26th of April Ichinmae Maiko Kikumaru will become Nininmae Maiko. Omedetou san dosu Kikumaru san! 
* Nininmae Maiko is last stage of Junior Maiko. After it goes special ceremony called "Mizuage", during which is kind of coming-of-age ceremony, an initiation party, symbolizing on the geisha-to-be by a change in hairstyle. After mizuage maiko becomes Senor maiko - she changes her hikizuri to more subtle colors, her eri(collar) will become white and red on the back and her hair is to be changed from Wareshinobu, the childish jr maiko hairstyle to Ofuku, older and more mature hairstyle

Jr Maiko Kikumaru is wearing light purple color with spring flowers an leaves flow(hand-painted by talented kimono artist). Although it has some multi seasonal motifs, it goes really good with the sakura kazashi on her head. 
Her hairstyle is called Wareshinobu(and is worn only bt Jr Maiko) and its the last time maiko Kikumaru is wearing it - on next stage of her career she will become Sr maiko and will change her hairstyle to Ofuku.
As maiko goes outside the okiya or ochaya, she needs to tie her hikizuri so that the silk wont get dirty. Whilts she does that she is showing her amazing and colorful nagajuban pattern(as you can see there are blooming flowers on it).
Her darari obi is golden with beautiful crane woven pattern. This obi motif is to bring luck and is to bring prosperity to those who wear it. Fact! Maiko's Darari obi is 7 meters long and needs to be tied specially.
Kago is gently pink, with no charm though. She carries it with both hands, as her oneesan does.

Jr Maiko Kikuno
Jr Maiko Kikuno is wearing spring multimotived purple hikizuri. Kikuno chan looks like a ume or sakura flower in bloom. The material is silk.
Her eri is mostly red and is decorated with woven cranes on the red background. She is so cute ^-^
The obijime(traditional little rope on the obi) is holding a beautiful butterfly pochirri(special kimono brouch).
The darari obi of this young maiko has a dyed crane pattern on the golden background and fits well to hikizuri.
As she is still Jr Maiko, her hairtyle is Wareshinobu - same as her neesan's Maiko Kikumaru's. The kanzashi are seasonal - sakura blossom and shidare(the hanging petals) that mean that she has has debuted as maiko less than a year ago.
Maiko Kikuno is allowed to paint only her lower lip. You may wonder why Maiko Kikuno has only one lip painted while Maiko Kikumaru and Maiko Kikutsuru have both? Well, this is a special tradition that maiko that works less than a year paints only one lip. Its the symbol that is still a "baby" :) 

12 April 2015

Ozashiki Memories...

"Neesaaan!Kikumaru-san neeasaaan" - called me Kikuno neechan, the youngest maiko in Hanafusa okiya. "Kikutsuru -oneesan asks you to move faster!".
Everyone was ready and waiting downstairs but not me...I couldnt find my favorite dance fan. I looked everywhere for it - under pillow, in the box with kanzashi and in my little box of secrets. Where could it be? and than i reminded myself that i had it in my hand today, when i was practising dance in the Nyokoba school. Oh nooooo - did i leave it there?
And than i saw it - it was left on the table, along with my comb, near my futon(japanese flour bed). "Here you are! " - and i fetched it "with spead of light" and run down to the endtrance
I saw Kikuyu okaasan has already left but Kikutsuru oneesan and Kikuno chan already stending in the framedoor. I was winded but i managed to excuse myself:"Sssumimas...sen Onee..eesan..Aand..neee...ehh..chaan"
Oneesan looked at me and replied 'It is ok, next time prepare your things earlier. Now lets go, we're almost late!'
"Hai" - replied i and carefully stepped in my Okobo(special maiko walking shoes)
And wewalked to our Hanahusa Ochaya or teahouse where the ozashiki was to take place. We took off our footwear before stepping on the tatami. When Kikuno chan opened the door, all three of us bowed and welcomed Okaasan, and than the guets.
This was very special ozashiki - Kikuno chan was dancing her first solo dance. It was very seasonal and about sakura. Me and Kikutsuru - oneesan enjoyed it, and so did the guests."She has grown much from the day of her dubut" - i whispered to Kikutsuru san.  Oneesan opened her fan and told me "Hai she did, but she still needs some practise. But its true, she has changed from November".
I smiled...i remembered how i was new maiko in the kagai..so shy and afraid to say smth stupid. And now i am neesan and younger girls are looking for my davice...i have notices how time flied and i understood that soon i'll become older Maiko, and new responsibilities will come.Ohhh i start to miss when i was minarai, just observing and trying to manage the emotions during the ozashiki...awwwwwwww