29 April 2015

We have a new shikomi - her name is Harumi

I Was born in Toyono Japan. I came from a family of 5 sisters and 2 brothers. My father was with many different women as I grew up. I chose to stay and live with my biological mother, step father and 2 sisters. Loving the rest of her relatives from a distance.
I was not born from a well financed family me and my family were still able to make life happy and cheerful. Although my mother made sure me&my sisters get education. I loved drawing and painting. Alot of art came to my mind as I had gotten to the age of 16. I wanted to be something well-known as and filled with beauty. As I studies more of the artistic styles seeing a painting of a Geisha known as Geiko in Kyoto. In the painting she was very beautiful and was known for her performances across all Japan. I then quit my schooling and got a side job to save up money to have the life as a Geiko. Though my mother was not very happy with my choice but wanted to support me. Saving all we could and sending me off to my dream.

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