12 April 2015

Ozashiki Memories...

"Neesaaan!Kikumaru-san neeasaaan" - called me Kikuno neechan, the youngest maiko in Hanafusa okiya. "Kikutsuru -oneesan asks you to move faster!".
Everyone was ready and waiting downstairs but not me...I couldnt find my favorite dance fan. I looked everywhere for it - under pillow, in the box with kanzashi and in my little box of secrets. Where could it be? and than i reminded myself that i had it in my hand today, when i was practising dance in the Nyokoba school. Oh nooooo - did i leave it there?
And than i saw it - it was left on the table, along with my comb, near my futon(japanese flour bed). "Here you are! " - and i fetched it "with spead of light" and run down to the endtrance
I saw Kikuyu okaasan has already left but Kikutsuru oneesan and Kikuno chan already stending in the framedoor. I was winded but i managed to excuse myself:"Sssumimas...sen Onee..eesan..Aand..neee...ehh..chaan"
Oneesan looked at me and replied 'It is ok, next time prepare your things earlier. Now lets go, we're almost late!'
"Hai" - replied i and carefully stepped in my Okobo(special maiko walking shoes)
And wewalked to our Hanahusa Ochaya or teahouse where the ozashiki was to take place. We took off our footwear before stepping on the tatami. When Kikuno chan opened the door, all three of us bowed and welcomed Okaasan, and than the guets.
This was very special ozashiki - Kikuno chan was dancing her first solo dance. It was very seasonal and about sakura. Me and Kikutsuru - oneesan enjoyed it, and so did the guests."She has grown much from the day of her dubut" - i whispered to Kikutsuru san.  Oneesan opened her fan and told me "Hai she did, but she still needs some practise. But its true, she has changed from November".
I smiled...i remembered how i was new maiko in the kagai..so shy and afraid to say smth stupid. And now i am neesan and younger girls are looking for my davice...i have notices how time flied and i understood that soon i'll become older Maiko, and new responsibilities will come.Ohhh i start to miss when i was minarai, just observing and trying to manage the emotions during the ozashiki...awwwwwwww

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