24 May 2017

Application for Hanafusa Okiya

Front row sitting: Maiko Kikutsuru and Maiko Kikumaru
Back row standng: Maiko Kikushino, Maiko Kikuyae,
Minarai Miharu and Maiko Kikuno
Have you ever dreamed wearing elaborate kimonos and learning new about Japanese culture? Have you ever dreamed of walking the Kyoto streets in high wooden okobo?
If yes, than Hanafusa okiya is for you:)
You are provided with a near real life course or training in Japanese History and culture. You will learn how to be a Geiko(term for Geisha in Kyoto)
At the moment we have open space for 4 Shikomi.
Ready to give it a try? Than Contact Maiko Kikutsuru of Hanafusa (Miehina resident)

23 May 2017

7Seas Fishing at Kyoto Kagai

Dear guests and patrons,
We are happy to announce that Kyoto Kagai will be holding fishing contests. For those who dont know, here is  >official web page< of the game. From now on, every Monday and Thursday at 5 am slt there will be a contest with pot of lindens to win by 5 lucky fishers. Also it is rare event during which you can meet maiko san from Hanafusa okiya.
Here is you rickshaw to the event: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Midnight%20Sun/132/199/25

22 May 2017

Kyo mai event at Kyoto Museum

Maiko san during their dance
Just one days ago, Maiko san from Hanafusa okiya performed several dances and answered questions at Kyoto Museum. This is monthly event during which guests or those who are interested in applying, can ask different questions regarding their traditional careers, looks or any other information regarding Japanese culture.
Performers: Senior Maiko Kikutsuru, Senior Maiko Kikumaru, Junior Maiko Kikune, Junior Maiko Kikushino and Junior Maiko Kikuyae. Minarai-to-be shikomi Miharu warmly greeted guests and helped them with their seats.
from left to right: Maiko Kikushino(purple), Maiko Kikutsuru(green with irises), Maiko Kikune in the center, Maiko Kikumaru(pink) and Maiko Kikuyae(pale green with flowers)

15 May 2017

Sunday 21st of May - Kyo mai & Q&A with Maiko

Have you dreamed of ever becoming a maiko? or enjoying the beautiful dance and culture?
we welcome you to a relaxing hour with us in our Museum of art and culture. The maiko of Hanafusa will perform for you and after you may ask them questions about their career and choice to become a maiko, geiko apprentice.

10.20 am slt
1hour duration
dress code - informal ( but not shorts or tank tops full clothing)

14 May 2017

Ozashiki in Hanahusa Ochaya

Senior Maiko Kikutsuru playing koto and entertaining guests with music

Yesterday Maiko san from Hanafusa okiya entertained guests during Sunday ozashiki at Hanahusa ochaya. Delicious kyoto kaiseki dishes were served alongside with refreshments. The weather is changing rapidly - it is already summer in Kyoto Kagai sim.
During the time when guests enjoyed their meal, Senior Maiko Kikutsuru san played the koto.
Junior Maiko Kikune. It is her last ozashiki as 1st year maiko. She will soon paint her both lips
Maiko Kikumaru serving guests with Kaiseki dishes

6 May 2017

May Kitsuke

Okaasan Geiko Kikuyu

For May Okaasan Geiko Kikuyu has decided that she will wear light purple beautiful susohiki with geometrical pattern. As i said before, its a rare sight to see a geiko wearing susohiki with this type of pattern, but it happens from time to time, for example yabane(arrow shaft/arrow feathers), multi flowers and stripes or little snowflakes. This susohiki reminds us of wisteria that is now in full bloom.
This marvelous susohiki is accompanied by silver obi with small flowers of purple and orange. Material is best silk with woven flower patterns.
Geiko Kikuyu's juban(or thin kimono that is worn under the susohiki) is pink with spring flowers painted on it. Only Geiko san can wear it - maiko san have to use red colored ones.

Senior Maiko Kikutsuru

For this month maiko Kikutsuru has
chosen soft pink hikizuri with hand-painted motif. Textile is exquisite silk and has soft and comfortable touch. This hikizuri has flower of wisteria hand-painted on it.
The darari obi is longer than the one worn by Geiko Kikuyu; it is also tied in a special knot, worn only by maiko. It has dyed wisteria flower pattern on a black background and it suits the hikizuri well.
Her hairstyle is called ofuku(as you remember it is hairstyle of Sr Maiko) and is decorated with senior maiko kanzashi featuring iris flower; this is seasonal and is worn only during this month.

Senior Maiko Kikumaru 

For May Kikumaru san is wearing fabulous sweet pink hikizuri with hand-painted flowers and string knots motifs. It is linned and can be worn before summer heat comes.
Her obi is decorated with wisteria  flower pattern on pure white background. End of the obi has okiya mon or emblem(as every family in japan, all okiya and yakata in have their own emblems too) which means she comes from this family - Hanafusa okiya. 
Her hairstyle is same as Kikuturu san's as they both are senior maikos and is decorated with seasonal iris flower kanzashi.

Junior Maiko Kikune

NOTE! Starting from June Maiko Kikune will be ichiname(second year maiko) - she will cut the shidare from her kanzashi and from than on she will be painting her upper lip. 
Omedetou san dosu Kikune san!

Beautiful Kikune san is wearing very colorful green hikizuri with hand-painted flowers and butterflies - a true springtime flower.

Her lovely darari obi is purple with beautiful woven butterfly pattern.
Maiko Kikune's hairstyle is called Wareshinobu and is decorated with shidare kanzashi, composed by long chains of silk flowers. This month her kanzashi represent the trailing blossoms of wisteria that is in bloom now.

Junior Maiko Kikushino

Jr Maiko Kikushino is wearing light purple color hikizuri with painted shells (hand-painted by talented kimono artist). These are not just simple clam shells from the beach, but special painted ones for the ancient heian court game called Kaioke or hokkai and is played with 360 double-valved shells (kai), half of the shells enclosed a poem,  the other half a drawing which corresponded to it; the shells were distributed one by one and the goal was to match the poem with the drawing; whoever was left with an ‘orphan’ lost the game.
Her darari obi is golden with beautiful wisteria flowers pattern. Fact! Maiko's Darari obi is 7 meters long and needs to be tied specially.

Junior Maiko Kikuyae

The youngest maiko in the Hanafusa okiya, Maiko Kikuyae, is wearing wearing springtime hikizuri with sakura pettals and flowers hand-painted on the subtle green backround. The material is silk.
Her eri is mostly red and is decorated with woven butterlies on the red background.
The darari obi of this young maiko has a wave pattern on the pueple background and fits well to hikizuri.
As she is still Jr Maiko, her hairtyle is Wareshinobu - same as her older sisters. The hairstyle is crowned with wisteria blossom kanzashi. She is so cute ^-^

4 May 2017

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a maiko?

Have you ever dreamed wearing elaborate kimonos and learning new about Japanese culture? Have you ever dreamed of walking the Kyoto streets in high wooden okobo?

If yes, than Hanafusa okiya is for you:)
You are provided with a near real life course or training in Japanese History and culture. You will learn how to be a Geiko ( term for Geisha in Kyoto)
At the moment we have open space for 4 Shikomi.
Ready to give it a try? Contact  Maiko Kikutsuru of Hanafusa (Miehina resident) if you are interesting in starting your journey in a close family such as Hanafusa, that focus on realism and quality.
Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Midnight%20Sun/144/105/25

2 May 2017

Kyo Odori 2017 Memories

One of most important events in the life of Miyagacho Hanamachi and its maiko is annual Kyo odori. Preparations start several months before the actual event - program, outfits, props, dances, backdrops etc. everything is being prepared for the grand event of Spring. This year's Kyo odori was special for several reasons - first of all, it was first performance of Miharu chan, who soon is to debut as minarai in Hanafusa okiya. Secondly, this was last Kyo odori for Kikutsuru san as Maiko; next spring we will see her as fully fledged geiko san.

This years performers :
Hanafusa okiya:
Geiko Kikuyu
Sr Maiko Kikutsuru
Sr Maiko Kikumaru

Jr Maiko Kikune
Jr Maiko Kikushino
Jr Maiko kikuyae

Shikomi Miharu(was allowed to perform as soon she will debut as minarai)

Before the odori, traditional tea ceremony was performed. Okasan Geiko Kikuyu was otemae and prepared the tea, while Maiko Kikuyae was ohikae and severved the guests with special treats and tea.

Here are photos from the 5th annual Kyo odori(created by Maiko Kikuyae):

Act 1:

Maiko walking towards their appointments along the Higashiyama Ku. Younger maiko walking behind the Senior ones. Everyone is hurrying...Hope fill their hearts of the evening as their mind anticipate fun games, interesting conversations and hopefully perfectly performed dances.

Act 2:

Maiko are gathered in the tatami room, arrived for their appointments, ready to perform...They fill the room with gazing eyes and dreaming minds as they present self written poems giving the mind images of the spring. 
During the dance Maiko san hold sakura branches to represent beauty of the springtime.  
The dressings of the senior and junior maiko are copis of rl Kyo odori wear of Miyagawacho maiko and geiko.

 Act 3:

This kabuki play tells us a story that took place in Yoshiwara quarters during the Meiji era Japan. In one of the yukaku rooms, young women are talking about the amazing possibility of becoming high ranking courtesan. Would that bring them happyness?... 

Act 4:

A fresh Oiran(high ranking courtesan) is preparing for the walk of her life that she wished for. She hoped this day would come since she entered the yukaku...
But it seems that this life is not proving to be a dream...

Act 5:

With fan of silver and red, maiko san of Hanafusa okiya enter the stage in their most formal outfits, worth more than a house in today's money. Their dance represent the story of maiko's thought and regrets before becoming full fledged geiko(geisha)
Act 6:

Long black hair is this dance called, or Kurokami, a dance performed by maiko in their formal stage before becoming geiko and by "fresh geiko". As this Kyo odori was last for Kikutsuru san as maiko, it was decided that she will perform this magnificent and magestic dance before the audience...

Act 7:

The dance that crowns the Kyo Odori is called Miyagawa ondo as is performed by every miyagawacho maiko who participated in the odori. Younger maiko san dance on the special platform at the back, while seniors dance in the front. 
This is most traditional ending of the odori.