22 May 2017

Kyo mai event at Kyoto Museum

Maiko san during their dance
Just one days ago, Maiko san from Hanafusa okiya performed several dances and answered questions at Kyoto Museum. This is monthly event during which guests or those who are interested in applying, can ask different questions regarding their traditional careers, looks or any other information regarding Japanese culture.
Performers: Senior Maiko Kikutsuru, Senior Maiko Kikumaru, Junior Maiko Kikune, Junior Maiko Kikushino and Junior Maiko Kikuyae. Minarai-to-be shikomi Miharu warmly greeted guests and helped them with their seats.
from left to right: Maiko Kikushino(purple), Maiko Kikutsuru(green with irises), Maiko Kikune in the center, Maiko Kikumaru(pink) and Maiko Kikuyae(pale green with flowers)

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