24 May 2017

Application for Hanafusa Okiya

Front row sitting: Maiko Kikutsuru and Maiko Kikumaru
Back row standng: Maiko Kikushino, Maiko Kikuyae,
Minarai Miharu and Maiko Kikuno
Have you ever dreamed wearing elaborate kimonos and learning new about Japanese culture? Have you ever dreamed of walking the Kyoto streets in high wooden okobo?
If yes, than Hanafusa okiya is for you:)
You are provided with a near real life course or training in Japanese History and culture. You will learn how to be a Geiko(term for Geisha in Kyoto)
At the moment we have open space for 4 Shikomi.
Ready to give it a try? Than Contact Maiko Kikutsuru of Hanafusa (Miehina resident)

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