22 January 2016

January Kitsuke

Little snowflakes slowly dancing the sky, fall on maiko san, that are hurrying to their appointments. Although it is middle of winter, there is no time for them to sit in warm okiya - they are to dance, sing and entertain most important guests and patrons. They are to remind through their art that although it is cold and icy winter, soon shall spring come and the winter will become only a memory

Geiko Kikuyu

Geiko Kikuyu is wearing marvelous black susohiki with multi seasonal  motif on it. Her eri(collar) is white, and is the symbol of pureness, femininity and maturity.
Her obi fits well to her hikizuri as it has golden woven geometrical pattern on it.
Her katsura(wig) is decorated with a special hair pin, with un-husked rice ears and a little eyeless white dove. This is very special new year hairpin -  maiko or geiko fill in one eye and ask guest/very special person they like to draw the other for good luck in the coming year^_^

Sr Maiko Kikutsuru

Senior Maiko Kikutsuru's blue hikizuri is to show us that winter is in its peak - her hikizuri has hand painted peony flowers(a winter fower). Peony is the symbol wealth, high honour (nobility) and ageless beauty. They also embody romance and love, and are regarded as the omen of good fortune. Peony is known as the ‘King of the Flowers’.
Her eri is white with woven seasonal pattern BUT it has red gasp on the back. Her darari is woven, with geometrical golden motif on it.
Hairstyle of Maiko Kikutsuru is called Ofuku(special hairstyle that maiko start wearing after they become senior) and is decorated with special January kanzashi.

Sr Maiko Kikumaru

For January Kikumaru san is wearing black hikizuri, made in shibori style(shibori is a Japanese tie-dying technique, using a variety of techniques in different shapes to make different patterns. Shibori technique dates from the 8th century. Amazing!).
Her obi is green with golden sayagata motif. Sayagata is a kind of geometric design with a series of fylfot patterns. The fylfot pattern has taken root as a map symbol which stands for Buddhist temples in Japan. It is a classical pictogram which came from the shape of Hindu God of love Vishnu’s chest hair, and it stands for a good omen and virtue.

Jr Maiko Kikuyumi

Kikuyumi san, the third maiko in Hanafusa okiya, is wearing dark shibori hikizuri, that shows butterflies flying around. Created by a famous kimono artist, this amazing hikizuri looks like a true work of art.
It is hold by the green obi with golden bamboo on it.
As she is still Jr Maiko, her hairstyle is Wareshinobu (easily recognizable due to the two strips of red silk ribbon called kanoko, that has been woven through the mage ("bun"), and visible through the hair on the top and bottom section). 
Her hair is decorated with special January kanzashi that have auspicious Japanese New Year theme - a combination of pine, bamboo and plum blossoms. 

13 January 2016

Hanahusa ochaya reopens this Friday!

On this Friday we will be welcoming you back to yet another year with Hanafusa and Festivals in Miyagawacho. Our humble ochaya will once again be reopened and filled with the sounds of the singing Geiko, the silence of the admiration of the Maikos dance and the laughter of everyone as a game is being enjoyed!

Time of arrival: 11.00 am slt
Duration : 60 minutes
Departure: 12.00 pm slt
dress code: Semiformal

Hanafusa okiya is once again reviewing applicants

Have you always dreamed of becoming a Geiko, or dancing as beautiful as a Maiko? Hanafusa Okiya act as a family, train as professionals and have a deep passion for the culture of the flower and willow world. We are now taking in applications we have limited open spaces.

Contact Okaasan ( Kikuyuu resident) for a meeting if you wish to pursue your dream.

10 January 2016

Shigyoshiki 2016

Yesterday, a very special event took place in Miyagawacho Hanamachi Kaburenjo. It is Shigyoshiki and it is the most important event in new year. Better to say that its annual traditional opening ceremony in Kyoto Hanamachi, the ceremony that marks the start of another year. Geiko and Maiko gather at their hanamachi theatrers wearing formal black kimono called Kuromontsuki and renew their vows for the new year. This is one of the few occasions when all of them are gathered together and presents a rare photo opportunity!

The First part of the event was the first dance of the year. Maiko and Geiko of Hanafusa okiya danced a special dance with golden fan in their hands. This dance was dedicated to Karyukai and all people that are anyhow connected to Miyagawacho Hanamachi. The second part was vows and first speech of the year by Okaasan Kikuyu
Okaasan Geiko Kikuyu played the main role in Shigyoshiki. Her speech and vow was perfect. She spoke with great dignity of Miyagawacho Geiko and Okaasan. Truly, she's the best example for her daughters and other members of Second Life Karyukai.

Atatori Sr Maiko Kikutsuru entered the kaburenjo right after okaasan Kikuyu. Her kuromontsuki had hand-painted scenery on it and was eye-catching! She was also proud of the achievements of two of her imoutos and that has reflected on her vow.
It was also kind of first Shigyoshiki for 2nd maiko of Hanafusa okiya. Maiko Kikumaru entered the kaburenjo wearing beautiful peacock kuromontsuki, white collar that has red on the back and with her hair styled in Sr maiko hairstyle called Yakko Shimada!This means that Hanafusa okiya from now on has two Senior maiko: Maiko Kikutsuru and her imouto Maiko Kikumaru. Omedetou Kikumaru san!
Maiko Kikuyumi, who had her debut in November, looks so stunning in her kuromontsuki! It was her first Shigyoshiki. She was very nervous before it but when the time came for her to vow she spoke with confidence, like did her oneesan.
Little Kokoro chan, shikomi of Hanafusa okiya, also joined this event. She gracefully welcomed guests and patrons to this important event and showed the reserved seats. It was first time for her to join the event this important and she played her role really well.
After the ceremony, everyone was offered ceremonial sake to drink for new year, new possibilities, new ozashiki and of course prosperity of Miyagawacho Hanamachi and Hanafusa okiya.

6 January 2016

Shigeyoshiki 2016 in Miyagawacho Hanamachi

Konnichiwa dear guests and patrons of Miyagawacho Hanamachi. Maiko and Geiko of Hanafusa okiya invite You to take part in one of the most important event in life of our Hanamachi - Shigeyoshiki.

Shigyoshiki is the annual (traditional) opening ceremony in Kyoto that marks the start of another year for Kyoto’s Geiko and Maiko. Geiko and Maiko gather in their local hanamachi wearing formal black kimono and renew their vows for the new year. Following the ceremony, the Maiko and Geiko visit the local tea houses and business establishments to wish the start of an auspicious and prosperous new year

This years participants in Shigyoshiki:
 Geiko Kikuyu, Sr Maiko Kikutsuru, Sr Maiko Kikumaru, Jr Maiko KIkuyumi, Minarai Kikushino and shikomi Kokoro

Here is your invitation: