18 August 2015

Shikomi Chiyo has passed her exam!

A new minarai in Hanafusa okiya soon!

Chiyo chan passed her Dance exam! She also passed the theory.
Soon she will be known under a new name… Kiku… have a guess if you like^_^
Her Minarai debut is yet to be announced but i bet it's going to be really soon ;)

Omedetou san dosu Chiyo chan!
Your oneesan and neesan wish you luck and prosperity and promise to help you on you path of becoming a beautiful flower of Karyukai

Phtoto from Yukatakai 2015

Pictures from this years Yukatakai:) thank you Kyoko san and Isoldel san for these marvelous photos :)

Geiko Kikuyu(okaasan)
Maiko Kikutsuru(atatori)
Maiko Kikumaru
Shikomi Chiyo(soon debut as minarai)
Shikomi Kiyomi

Dear guests and patrons,
Ookini san dosu for attending our odori! 
We hope to see you on our next performances 

15 August 2015

Yukatakai 2015

On Saturday 15th(august) the Geiko, Maiko and shikomi of Hanafusa okiya perform in the Summer odori - Yukata Kai
You are welcome to come enjoy this 4 act performance.
Time of arrival: 10.55 am slt
Time odori begin: 11 am slt
Time odori ends: 12 pm slt
Pictures after are to be taken in the room between exit and theater audience room.
Maiko + Shikomi will attend photo shoot.
During performance you may take pictures as long as they do not interfere the performance.

Here's you rikshah: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nadine/86/84/29

5 August 2015

August Kitsuke of Hanafusa Okiya Members

Okaasan Kikuyu has chosen soft pink Susohiki with beautiful flowers and dark wisteria obi. Her Katsura is decorated with a tortoiseshell comb and a delicate hairpin

Sr Maiko Kikutsuru is wearing elegant black hikizuri with summer pattern and ro obi with summer grass pattern. Her hair is decorated with one of traditional kanzashi of the August - Morning Glory(asagao).

Maiko Kikumaru has chosen sweet pink hikizuri with  yagasuri pattern (one of her favorite) and a beautiful ro obi. Traditionally, her hair is decorated with susuki grass. The susuki grass appears as a starburst of spines. Senior maiko wear white-backed silver petals and junior maiko wear pink-backed silver petals. Such is the tradition:)