5 August 2015

August Kitsuke of Hanafusa Okiya Members

Okaasan Kikuyu has chosen soft pink Susohiki with beautiful flowers and dark wisteria obi. Her Katsura is decorated with a tortoiseshell comb and a delicate hairpin

Sr Maiko Kikutsuru is wearing elegant black hikizuri with summer pattern and ro obi with summer grass pattern. Her hair is decorated with one of traditional kanzashi of the August - Morning Glory(asagao).

Maiko Kikumaru has chosen sweet pink hikizuri with  yagasuri pattern (one of her favorite) and a beautiful ro obi. Traditionally, her hair is decorated with susuki grass. The susuki grass appears as a starburst of spines. Senior maiko wear white-backed silver petals and junior maiko wear pink-backed silver petals. Such is the tradition:)

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