10 December 2014

December Kitsuke

"As December comes and snow is gently coloring the landscapes in colors of white, the cold winter wind, that lives in the bamboo forest, starts his heart-freezing song"

Geiko Kikuyu

 Okaasan Kikuyu is wearing dark susohiki with amazing dyed pattern, that is worn mostly in the end of Autumn and the beginning of winter. Its design is very beautiful and has taken several months and most talented artists skills! The flying cranes( hand-painted of course)can symbolize the winter, that is brought on their wings. Also cranes are symbolizing future Winter Celebrations.
Her golden obi is an amazing piece , decorated with beautiful flying crane pattern. It is tied in taiko musubi knot("drum knot" as musubi means knot or tie).
Her kago is pink and goes well to the susohiki.
Her katsura(wig) is decorates with small but very stylish hairpin, that is also the mon of Hanafusa okiya
Maiko Kikutsuru

Maiko Kikutsuru, the atatori of Hanafusa okiya, this December is wearing rare and very beautiful hikizuri. It has common men, women and children from old Japan, hand painted on it- what a sight! They look like real! There are also pine trees, that a very specific winter motif.
Her kago is pink and goes nicely with the kimono, and is creating a warm look. She actually can melt snow using only her sight ^^
Sr Maiko hairstyle(worn now by Kikutsuru san) is called Ofuku, and is decorated with special December kanzashi, that feature bamboo leaves and special two maneki(tiny blank tags).
Maiko Kikumaru

Kikumaru san, the second maiko in Hanafusa okiya, is wearing dark hikizuri, that shows nostalgia for Autumn. Created by a famous kimono artist, this amazing hikizuri looks like a true work of art.
As she is still Jr Maiko, her hairstyle is Wareshinobu (easily recognizable due to the two strips of red silk ribbon called kanoko, that has been woven through the mage ("bun"), and visible through the hair on the top and bottom section). Her hair is decorated with special December kazashi, that feature colorful assortment of lucky charms and two two maneki(tiny blank tags), which will be autographed by her 2 favorite Kabuki actors during Kaomise Soken.
* Kaomise soken - During the first week of December maiko visit the Minamiza theater and have the tags of the maneki kanzashi signed by their favourite kabuki actors.

Maiko Kikuno
Coming soon:)

9 December 2014

Miyagawacho New year Fair

Konichiwa dear readers and friends of the blog^^

I would like to invite you to join in on Miyagawacho Hanamachis New years fair It takes place in January 2015 - Between 12th and 28th)

Miyagawacho Hanamachi is a Japanese district located in Kyoto - This is a up to date sim, which means that it is not restricted to a certain time era but we follow the times as in rl, this is not primarily a roleplay sim, and despite it being Japanese both Japanese and non Japanese stores are permitted displayed on the sim, there is also no strictly Japanese dress code ( as long as moderate dress rules are kept because of the sim rating)
The sim offers various gardens for relaxing and pictures, and we regular have activities such as Fairs, Japanese teahouse parties and performances.

The New year fair is a good way to start the new year and welcome the next. There is no fee for you to participate in it. There Alongside a gacha machine you are welcome to display 1 - 2 items as a buy now item not in a gacha machine, this is your own choice. The Gacha machine should not have been used in any other event earlier or from a store. and the items should display 50/50 new -old, or 100% new ( if you display 2 buy it now items one can be an old creation but one must be a new, if you display one item it has to be new.)

> Name of store
> full sl name( not display name)
> Do you already got a gacha machine you can use?
>Do you understand that due too the theme of the sim adult material will not be permitted?

Please return this notecard for Kikuyuu resident
By doing so you agree too participate in the Miyagawacho New years Fair "Gacha" event
It last 2 weeks in January month (12th of January 2015 - 28th of January 2015)
If you have any questions contact Kikuyuu resident

If you before the event understand you can not participate after all please leave a notecard for Kikuyuu resident - thank you

I look forward in having your store Represented in our fair :)

**list of themes**

Winter Fun
Farewell Christmas
New year Items
Japanese Winter
Welcome Spring ( in Kyoto Japan the Spring arrives in February with its pink and soft colors )

"examples within themes can be: Food, Clothing, Furnitures, Skins, Hairs,Architectures, Garden equipment or landscaping,Poses"

Max Pull prices - 75 Lindens
Minimum Pull prices - 25 Lindens

Minimum Commons - 6
Minimum rares - 1

Max Commons - 14
Max rares - 3

Max prims of your stand will be 25 prims

Date when you put down your machine - Between January 10th and January 14th
Opening date January 12th
Closing Date January 28th
Kikuyuu resident.