Stores and shops of Kyoto Kagai

Kyoto Gatcha Yardsale
TONS of items from the recent gacha rounds including The Arcade! LOTS OF RARES! Don't forget to check the MANY other reduced price items in BOTH barns and DEEP discounts 

Tsuru's Artefacts
Specializing in building Japanese Machiya townhouses and other items related to that. Japanese traditional buildings, scrolls, tokonoma etc. Gatcha available. (Custom work? - Rarely but you can always inquire).

Kiku no Iki(Kimono hud for Isomesh kimono model)
Kimono store that sells HUDs for Isomesh Kimono model. All patterns are according to season and created by Second Life Maiko themsleves. Designers - Maiko Kikutsuru and Maiko Kikumaru of Hanafusa okiya. This fact can mean only one thing - all of the kimono HUDs are accurate and created with much knowledge of the Japanese pattern. 

Kitsuke SL(Inkmancer)
Inkmance san - amazing and talented designer of kimono HUDs has oppened her store at Kyoto Kagai sim. She creates every pattern with seasonal care and theme accuracy. All of her works are perfect choice for Maiko san of the Second life.

Isomesh(by Isoldel)
Amazing Kimono, Skin, Hair and Make up mesh creator! Her Maiko/Minarai kimono model is an original mesh creation accurately designed for the flower and willow world in Second Life. You need to check it out! At the moment she is the best mesh creator for Geisha world of Second life. If you really want to look as maiko, its a must to get the creations of Miss Isoldel.

Barzane art Gallery
Gallery of Kyoko san. You can buy any of her works or you can just come and enjoy real life photos from the travels of miss Kyoko;

Ian san Art Gallery
Welcome to Art Gallery of Ian san - graphic designer and painter of Second life. His works are amazing and have unique sense of style. 

Sakura san Art Gallery
Sakura2 Kohime hold this amazing art gallery, where she exhibits her photographs and the works of several painters every month in rotation. Definitely worth visiting.


  1. I Included the beautiful kimono Isomesh by Isoldel in my latest video. I enjoyed a lot wearing it. I found it trhough this page. Thank you very much for your help!

    1. Thank you Pepa san, your works are truly amazing :) If you have any requests or questions regarding kimono or japanese looks i'll be glad to help you. Please remember that you are always welcome at Kyoto Kagai sim ^^