Miyagawacho Hanamachi

Miyagawacho Hanamachi, (Shrine River Flower Town) with it's narrow streets and mix of traditional and modern buildings, mirroring Kyoto province right here in SL
The market place with it's food stalls and Ramen cafe, the Sake bar, the Sumo wrestling arena and the picturesque gardens.
Add to this, the Geiko (Geisha) of Hanafusa Okiya with their pleasant demeanour and winning smiles and you have the perfect day out.
Miyagawacho is anything but static. As the seasons change so does the town, creating year round beauty for the casual visitor and tenant alike.
From the combs in our hair, to the performances that we give, to the the food on your plate, Miyagawacho is in tune with it's real life counterpart.
The Geiko (Geisha) of Miyagawacho provide entertainment for the whole family, groups, individuals, public and private Ozashiki, Fine dining, fine arts, fine conversation equals a fine time

"Geiko are the top trained artist which live in Kyoto - Japan. I had only one intention when I signed into secondlife, and that were to create a Hanamachi one of these places where Geiko become educated and live. I came into second life and explored the already existing places that said they were dedicating them self to do just this, train Geiko and entertain guests. I thought everyone worked as one, but soon realized this were not the case. I started tobuild, trying to create an hanamachi, if I compare it to, todays Miyagawacho I can laugh, the buildings had un even roofs, and the walls were as thick as poles for temples.
 But I kept on building until it one day felt as if I could open up to applicants. Todays buildings are more accurate and realistic. My time though is more worth spending to teach then build :) The Journey of Miyagawacho beun in 2012 in the period after Christmas of 2011.... The idea had been going in my mind that ongoing year but it is first in the start of 2012 I did go thrugh with it. Miyagawacho hanamachi in sl is based on the actual hanamachi of Miyagawacho in real life Kyoto. One of the five districts which dedicated to the training of Geiko you find in this city.
The idea of Miyagawacho in second life is to create a healthy nurturing educational environment for applicants, and a Japanese atmosphere for residents,as wellas offering Japanese and Western items for sale in our stores.
The layout of the sl Miyagawacho is based on the actual streets in real life, I also decided to have the balance between residents, stores and shrines as in real life.
The very main focus for me is to create a proper educational environment for the girls training to be geiko in Hanafusa okiya, as well as make sure guests feel they can enjoy their time here and feel good when they have been here."
signed  Okaasan Kikuyu

 Come join us in modern day Kyoto for an alternative day out.

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