Hanafusa okiya

Members of the Okiya:

❀ Okaasan Geiko Kikuyu
❀ Atatori Senior Maiko Kikutsuru
❀ Senior Maiko Kikumaru
❀ Junior Maiko Kikune
❀ Junior Maiko Kikushino
❀ Junior Maiko Kikuyae
❀ Minarai Kikuteru

Hanafusa okiya is based in Miyagawacho Hanamachi, it is based on the actual okiya in real life Kyoto. An Okiya is a place you live in and are taught the ways of the Geiko ( The Geisha are called Geiko in Kyoto)
As well in our Okiya you will be taught the various arts of real Geiko. You have weekly lessons, which ends with homework that has to be approved before your next class is provided. 

Trust and respect is very important.

The focus on education is based within Culture and History and some language ( Japanese Kyoto dialect)
Typical classes range within but not only:
Kyo mai
Kyo ben
tea ceremony

Typical progression:
You are accepted on probation as shikomi for 1 -2 months
You either leave before the probation ends or are asked to leave because this okiya does not fit you.

Shikomi - 3 - 9 Months
Minarai - 6 - 12 weeks

Misedashi 3 days
Haninmae Maiko - 12 Months
Ichininmae Maiko - 6 Months
Nininmae maiko - 3 - 6 Months
Saninmae Maiko - 6 - 15 Months
Yoninmae Maiko - 3 - 9 Months

Yakko shimada - 2 - 3 weeks
Sakkou - 2 -3 weeks
Erikae - 3 days
If You are interested in applying, please read "Application"


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