17 April 2016

Heian Jingu Reitaisai Hono Buyo in Miyagawacho Hanamachi

This was a very busy week! Right after the debut of Minarai Kikune, Miyagawacho Hanamachi hosted Heian Jingu Reitaisai Hono Buyo where maiko san and minarai from Hanafusa okiya took part. It was also the very first dance event that included little Minarai Kikune, who, although scared a bit of audience, danced beautifully. 
Jr Maiko Kikuyumi(blue hikizuri), Sr Maiko Kikutsuru(marsala hikizuri) and minarai Kikune(purple flowerly hikizuri)

16 April 2016

Minaraia of Kikune of Hanafusa okiya

 On April 15th Hanahusa ochaya hosted very special event - Minaraia of Kikune chan. It was first time that little flower of Hanafusa okiya appeared not as shikomi Kokoro, as she was known before. Earlier that day Maiko Kikutsuru was appointed to become Kikune chans's oneesan or older sister ("maiko-guardian"). With her hunger for learning  and with such good and famous oneesan as Kikutsuru san, minarai Kikune has nothing to worry about.
Minaraia celebrations were announced to publicity and many our patrons came and greet new member of the Kagai and wish her good luck on her hard road on becoming Geiko san in Second life.
Jr Maiko Kikuyumi(blue hikizuri), Sr Maiko Kikutsuru(marsala hikizuri),
Sr Maiko Kikumaru(green hikizuri) and Minarai Kikune(purple flowery hikizuri)

"We are all happy to congratulate minarai Kikune with her first steps on becoming beautiful flower of Karyukai. We also like to remind her about continuing hard work and practicing her conversation and shamisen skills. Omedeou san dosu Kikune chan!" - commented her older sisters from Hanafusa Okiya

14 April 2016

Kyo Odori coming soon!

Spring is now in full bloom so we would like to invite you and your friends to this years 4th annual Kyo odori. Kyo odori is a beautiful dance event in Miyagawacho Hanamachi. Every year, in end of April, Maiko and Geiko welcome Spring with their beautiful dances and poems at Miyagawa-chō Kaburen-jō Theatre. 
This year, Maiko and Geiko  of Hanafusa okiya will be honored to entertain you on April 30th at 11 am slt - 12.30 pm slt! 
Welcome the Spring in Miyagawacho Hahamachi Kabuenjo!

13 April 2016

Minaraia no Kikune

Dear guests and patrons,

It is a pleasure for me to announce the Minarai debut of new minarai Kikune, most of you have known her as Kokoro a shikomi the last six months time. 

Her debut will be held this Friday 15th of April
between 11 and 12 pm slt.

You are welcome to attend and congratulate this new flower on her first step into the world of the Geiko.

8 April 2016

Applications open to Hanafusa Okiya

As the Spring the season of rebirth and new beginnings is over us, we are accepting applicants to our okiya. In the hope Spring may be a good time to begin an apprenticeship filled with luck and good weather.

Training process:
  • Probation 
  • Shikomi
  • Minarai
  • Junior maiko ( several stages)
  • Senior maiko ( several stages)
  • Geiko ( 1 - year 5)
  • Geiko ( 5 year +)

If you are interested you may contact: 
Atotori Kikutsuru - Miehina resident

(Here's your riksha to Miyagawacho Hanamachi)

7 April 2016

Ozashiki in Hanahusa ochaya(Fridath 8th, 11am-12am)

Dear Guests and Patrons of Miyagawacho Hanamachi,
It is with great pleasure to invite you to the springtime ozashiki of Hanahusa ochaya on Friday 8 April 2016. Come and celebrate the breathtaking but short lasting beauty of blooming sakura trees with the shamisen music and the sound of silk sleeves. You'll be offered special Miyagawacho "flying" sake and delicious green tea served by maikos of Hanafusa okiya.
Time of arrival: 11.00 am slt
Departure: 12.00 pm slt
dress code: Semiformal
Hanahusa Ochaya in Miyagawacho Hanamachi

2 April 2016

Shikomi Kokoro passed her exam!

Photo by Isoldel san

Dear guests and patrons,
I am honored to announce that today shikomi Kokoro passed her Dance exam and theory. Soon she will be known under a new name… Kiku… have a guess if you like. Her Minarai debut is yet to be announced but i bet it's going to be really soon :)

Omedetou san dosu Kokoro chan!
Your okaasan, oneesan and neesan wish you luck and prosperity and promise to help you on you path of becoming a beautiful flower of Karyukai!