16 April 2016

Minaraia of Kikune of Hanafusa okiya

 On April 15th Hanahusa ochaya hosted very special event - Minaraia of Kikune chan. It was first time that little flower of Hanafusa okiya appeared not as shikomi Kokoro, as she was known before. Earlier that day Maiko Kikutsuru was appointed to become Kikune chans's oneesan or older sister ("maiko-guardian"). With her hunger for learning  and with such good and famous oneesan as Kikutsuru san, minarai Kikune has nothing to worry about.
Minaraia celebrations were announced to publicity and many our patrons came and greet new member of the Kagai and wish her good luck on her hard road on becoming Geiko san in Second life.
Jr Maiko Kikuyumi(blue hikizuri), Sr Maiko Kikutsuru(marsala hikizuri),
Sr Maiko Kikumaru(green hikizuri) and Minarai Kikune(purple flowery hikizuri)

"We are all happy to congratulate minarai Kikune with her first steps on becoming beautiful flower of Karyukai. We also like to remind her about continuing hard work and practicing her conversation and shamisen skills. Omedeou san dosu Kikune chan!" - commented her older sisters from Hanafusa Okiya

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