10 December 2014

December Kitsuke

"As December comes and snow is gently coloring the landscapes in colors of white, the cold winter wind, that lives in the bamboo forest, starts his heart-freezing song"

Geiko Kikuyu

 Okaasan Kikuyu is wearing dark susohiki with amazing dyed pattern, that is worn mostly in the end of Autumn and the beginning of winter. Its design is very beautiful and has taken several months and most talented artists skills! The flying cranes( hand-painted of course)can symbolize the winter, that is brought on their wings. Also cranes are symbolizing future Winter Celebrations.
Her golden obi is an amazing piece , decorated with beautiful flying crane pattern. It is tied in taiko musubi knot("drum knot" as musubi means knot or tie).
Her kago is pink and goes well to the susohiki.
Her katsura(wig) is decorates with small but very stylish hairpin, that is also the mon of Hanafusa okiya
Maiko Kikutsuru

Maiko Kikutsuru, the atatori of Hanafusa okiya, this December is wearing rare and very beautiful hikizuri. It has common men, women and children from old Japan, hand painted on it- what a sight! They look like real! There are also pine trees, that a very specific winter motif.
Her kago is pink and goes nicely with the kimono, and is creating a warm look. She actually can melt snow using only her sight ^^
Sr Maiko hairstyle(worn now by Kikutsuru san) is called Ofuku, and is decorated with special December kanzashi, that feature bamboo leaves and special two maneki(tiny blank tags).
Maiko Kikumaru

Kikumaru san, the second maiko in Hanafusa okiya, is wearing dark hikizuri, that shows nostalgia for Autumn. Created by a famous kimono artist, this amazing hikizuri looks like a true work of art.
As she is still Jr Maiko, her hairstyle is Wareshinobu (easily recognizable due to the two strips of red silk ribbon called kanoko, that has been woven through the mage ("bun"), and visible through the hair on the top and bottom section). Her hair is decorated with special December kazashi, that feature colorful assortment of lucky charms and two two maneki(tiny blank tags), which will be autographed by her 2 favorite Kabuki actors during Kaomise Soken.
* Kaomise soken - During the first week of December maiko visit the Minamiza theater and have the tags of the maneki kanzashi signed by their favourite kabuki actors.

Maiko Kikuno
Coming soon:)

9 December 2014

Miyagawacho New year Fair

Konichiwa dear readers and friends of the blog^^

I would like to invite you to join in on Miyagawacho Hanamachis New years fair It takes place in January 2015 - Between 12th and 28th)

Miyagawacho Hanamachi is a Japanese district located in Kyoto - This is a up to date sim, which means that it is not restricted to a certain time era but we follow the times as in rl, this is not primarily a roleplay sim, and despite it being Japanese both Japanese and non Japanese stores are permitted displayed on the sim, there is also no strictly Japanese dress code ( as long as moderate dress rules are kept because of the sim rating)
The sim offers various gardens for relaxing and pictures, and we regular have activities such as Fairs, Japanese teahouse parties and performances.

The New year fair is a good way to start the new year and welcome the next. There is no fee for you to participate in it. There Alongside a gacha machine you are welcome to display 1 - 2 items as a buy now item not in a gacha machine, this is your own choice. The Gacha machine should not have been used in any other event earlier or from a store. and the items should display 50/50 new -old, or 100% new ( if you display 2 buy it now items one can be an old creation but one must be a new, if you display one item it has to be new.)

> Name of store
> full sl name( not display name)
> Do you already got a gacha machine you can use?
>Do you understand that due too the theme of the sim adult material will not be permitted?

Please return this notecard for Kikuyuu resident
By doing so you agree too participate in the Miyagawacho New years Fair "Gacha" event
It last 2 weeks in January month (12th of January 2015 - 28th of January 2015)
If you have any questions contact Kikuyuu resident

If you before the event understand you can not participate after all please leave a notecard for Kikuyuu resident - thank you

I look forward in having your store Represented in our fair :)

**list of themes**

Winter Fun
Farewell Christmas
New year Items
Japanese Winter
Welcome Spring ( in Kyoto Japan the Spring arrives in February with its pink and soft colors )

"examples within themes can be: Food, Clothing, Furnitures, Skins, Hairs,Architectures, Garden equipment or landscaping,Poses"

Max Pull prices - 75 Lindens
Minimum Pull prices - 25 Lindens

Minimum Commons - 6
Minimum rares - 1

Max Commons - 14
Max rares - 3

Max prims of your stand will be 25 prims

Date when you put down your machine - Between January 10th and January 14th
Opening date January 12th
Closing Date January 28th
Kikuyuu resident.

23 November 2014

Kikuno-chan has passed the exam!

I'm honored today to announce that Kikuno-chan had her exam today. It was not easy at all but she had studied hard and passed it! Next week she will debut as Maiko. 

Omedetou san dosu Okaasan on the success of your neechan!

Omedetou san dosu Kikutsuru san on the success of your imouto!

Omedetou san dosu Kikumaru san on the success of your neechan!

Omedetou san dosu Kikuno-san on the day you have started a new path!

12 November 2014

November Kitsuke

Geiko Kikuyu

Okaasan Kikuyu is wearing a magnificent susohiki with eye-catching design - leaves on a branch are dyed boldly, a traditional autumn motif. For its creation the best and most expensive silks were used. 
Her golden obi is decorated with flying cranes, that are Japanese symbols of longevity and good luck and are always referred to as “the birds of happiness”. Over time, cranes have also evolved as a favorite subject of the tradition of paper folding – origami. It is said that a thousand folded cranes, one for each year of its life, makes a wish come true.
In her left hand she's holding gorgeous kago, made of chirimen silk, with a beautiful pink color background. Basket base is made of painted bamboo sticks. All is handmade by Kyoto's best craftsman. 
The whole ensemble looks very elegant on her!

Maiko Kikutsuru

Maiko Kikutsuru is wearing black hikizuri .What an APPEALING design it has! It has captivating pattern of tiger, crouching though the forest and bamboo leaves; the pattern is dyed elaborately. The tiger symbol has been used for many different purposes - here it is thought to be the symbol to ward off evil. According to Japanese tradition if you see a tiger in a dream it denotes the coming of a new power your way. 
Textile is exquisite silk and has soft and comfortable touch.
Her Collar(han-eri) is white with red part on the back and it shows us that she is senior Maiko.
The Darari obi (very long sash, worn by maiko - can be 600 centimeters) and has feathers and bamboo leaves on it. You may notice that it has a crest (mon) on the bottom - this is the crest of the okiya that own the maiko obi.
In her hands she's holding kago, with paulownia flower pattern on a smooth pink background.

Maiko Kikumaru

Maiko Kikumaru has become ichinmae maiko(2nd year maiko) this month - she has cut the shidare from her kanzashi and from now on she will be painting her upper lip.

 Maiko Kikumaru is wearing hikizuri of warm red color. This piece has charming design on it - many multi seasonal motifs such as pine and bamboo as well as flowers in golden motifs, which are dyed on the deep colored background. Textile is exquisite glossy silk. 
As you can see, her eri(collar) is red with some white embroidery - that means she is still a junior maiko.
Her lovely darari obi is golden with beautiful woven pattern and had cost okiya a whole fortune!
Her kago is green, with kingyo(goldfish) charm on it. Throughout the ages, goldfish is considered the harbinger of prosperity, growth, wealth, long life, wisdom and peace. As one of the 8 sacred symbols of Buddha, goldfish are symbols of abundance and harmony in life. 

Minarai Kikuno


Young Kikuno, who has become minarai in October under the wing of Maiko Kikutsuru, is now wearing maiko hikizuri. The vivid colors are eye-catchy and gold glazing adds elegance to it. The pattern is multi seasonal. 
Textile is exquisite silk and has soft touch. 
Kikuno-san is wearing the twin-obi of the one, that is now worn by Maiko Kikumaru.Her eri(collar) has crane embroidery on it. Let it bring her good luck in her career!
As she is very young she is applying lipstick only on her lower lip - to show that she is still a "baby".
Kikuno-chan's kago is smaller than her older sisters' but it really suits her petitness.

Photos : Maiko Kikutsuru

10 November 2014

Okaasan Geiko Kikuyu

Okaasan Kikuyu in her summer attire
Geiko no Kikuyu Dosu_.*
Okaasan of Hanafusa Okiya_.*

Dedicated to the art of the floating world, to ensure good entertainment for anyone who would dedcate themself as a patron. And to be a good role model to teach dedicated girls on the path to become Geiko.

Hanamachi - Miyagawacho 宮川町花街 
Okiya - Hanafusa 置屋
Rank -  Geiko 芸子
Role - Okaasan - Sensei
Imouto - Kikutsuru - 菊つる
Oneesan - Retired Geiko Kikuryu

-:- Katsura no metal flaps -----------:-
-:-Erikae - January 9th 2012-:-
-:-Mizuage - March 6th 2011-:-
-:-Misedashi - January 1rst 2010-:-
-:- Minarai - December 1rst 2009-:-
-:- Shikomi - Feburary 25th 2008 -:-

Photo's of Okaasan Geiko Kikuyu:


7 November 2014

Maiko Kikutsuru

Maiko Kikutsuru in her summer attire
     Watashi  no namae wa Kikutsuru desu           ═══════════.❀.════════════╝        
I am a  Maiko and the atotori of Hanafusa okiya in Miyagawacho Hanamachi. I am fortunate to have Geiko Kikuyu as my onesan.

I was born at the outside of Kyoto city
in the nearness of Arayashima
My family named me Miehina  meaning beautiful doll and to become a geiko would seem to be my fate rather then going to school. I had 3 aunts with the title of geiko and my mother was a retired Inoue school teacher and geiko...
Hence from a early age I was trained in the arts that I one day would master..
I were with okiyas but did never find them to fit me well... But coming to Miyagawacho meeting Okaasan she was strict but fair kind and had time to listen to me and give me advice as weather to become a geiko or not.
I came to the conclusion that I wished to give it another try..
Being fairly older by some years then my sisters I found myself suddenly at the lowest rank in the okiya... A role I think will help me become a better geiko some day.
Yoroshiku otano moshimasu^_^

Maiko Kikumaru

Maiko Kikumaru in her Summer attire
Watashi no namae wa Kikumaru desu
* * *
I am Senior Maiko at Hanafusa okiya in Miyagawacho Hanamachi.
My oneesan is Sr Maiko Kikutsuru, who has taken me under her wing and i am and will gratefull to her my every single day.
Geiko Kikuyu is my humble okaasan and if you have any complaints or compliments regarding my behaviour please direct them to her - ookini san dosu.
 ════════════════════════ .♥.
Before i became maiko Kikumaru i was known as Katsumi, meaning victorious beauty. I was born in a town called Yamagato in the Tohoku region. Here all the story begins....
My father, Kiyoshi Kawaguchi, is kimono artist and holds a small shop. I used to see him painting hikizuri and susohiki even for Kyoto maiko and geiko.
My mother, Ayako Kawaguchi, was geiko in Pontocho and was said to be a very good dancer. She did leave the profession after marrying my father but she didn't loose her talent as she continued to dance for her children...
Its all thanks to her i have decided to leave my small town and try to become an apprentice geiko. I have seen many okiya on my way, old and new, but when i came to Hanafusa Okiya i understood, that here's the place i was looking for, here is the place where i will leave my heart and soul...

28 September 2014

New Minarai in Hanafusa Okiya!

This week little shikomi Miyoei has passed her exam and her now we can celebrate her minaraia.Her geimei is Kikuno and her oneesan(older sister) is Senior maiko Kikutsuru.

Omedetou san dosu Kikuno-chan ^_^


* Minarai literally means "learning by watching". This is a short stage before Miedashi(the debut of a Maiko). During this time the oneesan(older sister) gets appointed and minarai starts to visit ozashiki and banquets with her. Although minarai attend ozashiki, they do not participate at an advanced level as so do Maiko or Geiko. They learn by watching - this is a way in which she will gain insights of the job. 

3 September 2014

September Kitsuke

Geiko Kikuyu

 Okaasan Kikuyu is wearing dark susohiki with amazing dyed autumn pattern. Its design is glamorous beautiful! The flying cranes( hand-painted of course)can symbolize the autumn, coming on their wings. The silk, used for its creation, is the
Her golden obi is a unique piece with beautiful flying crane pattern, which is dyed. It is tied in taiko musubi knot("drum knot" as musubi means knot or tie).

*  Susohiki is usually worn by geiko or by stage performers of the traditional Japanese dance. Susohiki literally means "trail the skirt". It is quite long, compared to regular kimono, because the skirt is supposed to trail along the floor. As geiko walks, her trailing skirt reminds a beautiful tail of a goldfish.

Maiko Kikutsuru


Senior Maiko Kikutsuru is wearing a glamorous hikizuri with charming flower arabesque and willow striped pattern. You can also notice the iris flowers. The background is warm and calm - it reminds a bit of the sun in autumn months. Textile is exquisite soft silk.
The darari obi is longer than the one worn by Geiko Kikuyu; it is also tied in a special knot, worn only by maiko. It has dyed bamboo pattern on a purple background and it suits the hikizuri well.
The Maiko Kago is heavy and is held with both hands. It contains a mirror, a comb, a white powder and a special lipstick(if makeup "moved"), a pair of clean tabi(socks), a maiougi(dancing fan) and many more items that are needed during the ozashiki. Every item has its special place in the kago so it can be easily found.
The whole ensemble gives true feeling that the Autumn is right behind the door. Only one small slide of the fusuma...

Maiko Kikumaru

Maiko Kikumaru's hikizuri is light purple color with flowers an leaves flow(hand-painted by talented kimono artist). Although it has some multi seasonal motifs, it goes really good with the kikyou kanzashi. 
As maiko goes outside the okiya or ochaya, she needs to tie her hikizuri,showing the amazing juban patter.
Her lovely darari obi is golden with beautiful woven pattern. This obi looks like the special Misedashi obi that is used only during the debut if a new maiko in Hanafusa okiya. 
Kago is grey, with nice star charm on it. She carries it with both hands, as her oneesan does. 

Photos by Maiko Kikutsuru