3 September 2014

September Kitsuke

Geiko Kikuyu

 Okaasan Kikuyu is wearing dark susohiki with amazing dyed autumn pattern. Its design is glamorous beautiful! The flying cranes( hand-painted of course)can symbolize the autumn, coming on their wings. The silk, used for its creation, is the
Her golden obi is a unique piece with beautiful flying crane pattern, which is dyed. It is tied in taiko musubi knot("drum knot" as musubi means knot or tie).

*  Susohiki is usually worn by geiko or by stage performers of the traditional Japanese dance. Susohiki literally means "trail the skirt". It is quite long, compared to regular kimono, because the skirt is supposed to trail along the floor. As geiko walks, her trailing skirt reminds a beautiful tail of a goldfish.

Maiko Kikutsuru


Senior Maiko Kikutsuru is wearing a glamorous hikizuri with charming flower arabesque and willow striped pattern. You can also notice the iris flowers. The background is warm and calm - it reminds a bit of the sun in autumn months. Textile is exquisite soft silk.
The darari obi is longer than the one worn by Geiko Kikuyu; it is also tied in a special knot, worn only by maiko. It has dyed bamboo pattern on a purple background and it suits the hikizuri well.
The Maiko Kago is heavy and is held with both hands. It contains a mirror, a comb, a white powder and a special lipstick(if makeup "moved"), a pair of clean tabi(socks), a maiougi(dancing fan) and many more items that are needed during the ozashiki. Every item has its special place in the kago so it can be easily found.
The whole ensemble gives true feeling that the Autumn is right behind the door. Only one small slide of the fusuma...

Maiko Kikumaru

Maiko Kikumaru's hikizuri is light purple color with flowers an leaves flow(hand-painted by talented kimono artist). Although it has some multi seasonal motifs, it goes really good with the kikyou kanzashi. 
As maiko goes outside the okiya or ochaya, she needs to tie her hikizuri,showing the amazing juban patter.
Her lovely darari obi is golden with beautiful woven pattern. This obi looks like the special Misedashi obi that is used only during the debut if a new maiko in Hanafusa okiya. 
Kago is grey, with nice star charm on it. She carries it with both hands, as her oneesan does. 

Photos by Maiko Kikutsuru

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