12 November 2014

November Kitsuke

Geiko Kikuyu

Okaasan Kikuyu is wearing a magnificent susohiki with eye-catching design - leaves on a branch are dyed boldly, a traditional autumn motif. For its creation the best and most expensive silks were used. 
Her golden obi is decorated with flying cranes, that are Japanese symbols of longevity and good luck and are always referred to as “the birds of happiness”. Over time, cranes have also evolved as a favorite subject of the tradition of paper folding – origami. It is said that a thousand folded cranes, one for each year of its life, makes a wish come true.
In her left hand she's holding gorgeous kago, made of chirimen silk, with a beautiful pink color background. Basket base is made of painted bamboo sticks. All is handmade by Kyoto's best craftsman. 
The whole ensemble looks very elegant on her!

Maiko Kikutsuru

Maiko Kikutsuru is wearing black hikizuri .What an APPEALING design it has! It has captivating pattern of tiger, crouching though the forest and bamboo leaves; the pattern is dyed elaborately. The tiger symbol has been used for many different purposes - here it is thought to be the symbol to ward off evil. According to Japanese tradition if you see a tiger in a dream it denotes the coming of a new power your way. 
Textile is exquisite silk and has soft and comfortable touch.
Her Collar(han-eri) is white with red part on the back and it shows us that she is senior Maiko.
The Darari obi (very long sash, worn by maiko - can be 600 centimeters) and has feathers and bamboo leaves on it. You may notice that it has a crest (mon) on the bottom - this is the crest of the okiya that own the maiko obi.
In her hands she's holding kago, with paulownia flower pattern on a smooth pink background.

Maiko Kikumaru

Maiko Kikumaru has become ichinmae maiko(2nd year maiko) this month - she has cut the shidare from her kanzashi and from now on she will be painting her upper lip.

 Maiko Kikumaru is wearing hikizuri of warm red color. This piece has charming design on it - many multi seasonal motifs such as pine and bamboo as well as flowers in golden motifs, which are dyed on the deep colored background. Textile is exquisite glossy silk. 
As you can see, her eri(collar) is red with some white embroidery - that means she is still a junior maiko.
Her lovely darari obi is golden with beautiful woven pattern and had cost okiya a whole fortune!
Her kago is green, with kingyo(goldfish) charm on it. Throughout the ages, goldfish is considered the harbinger of prosperity, growth, wealth, long life, wisdom and peace. As one of the 8 sacred symbols of Buddha, goldfish are symbols of abundance and harmony in life. 

Minarai Kikuno


Young Kikuno, who has become minarai in October under the wing of Maiko Kikutsuru, is now wearing maiko hikizuri. The vivid colors are eye-catchy and gold glazing adds elegance to it. The pattern is multi seasonal. 
Textile is exquisite silk and has soft touch. 
Kikuno-san is wearing the twin-obi of the one, that is now worn by Maiko Kikumaru.Her eri(collar) has crane embroidery on it. Let it bring her good luck in her career!
As she is very young she is applying lipstick only on her lower lip - to show that she is still a "baby".
Kikuno-chan's kago is smaller than her older sisters' but it really suits her petitness.

Photos : Maiko Kikutsuru

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