27 April 2015

Hahafusa Okiya has new shikomi - her name is Chiyo

My name is Chiyo, meaning thousand generations. I was born in Karama a little fishing village on the slopes of Mount Fuji.
My father was a fisher and my mother took care of me until she fell ill.
I did all in my power to carry forward the home and to take care of my sick mum while I was looking for a way to give an hand to my family.
My father did all what was in his possibilities also to cure her but any efforts was un useful. She died after many months of suffering.
When my father told me that he couldn't take care of me anymore, I left my home and I have walked for long time before arrive to Kyoto. There I was welcomed in my first Okiya called Nishimura. I started my studies but the Okiya did close after a short time and I had too re-started my walk without  knowing where I could go.
At the end I arrived in Miyagawacho Hanamachi where Hanafusa Okiya's Okaasan accepted me as her trainee and I have now been established here with this new family that will never leave me.

Finally at Home ^_^

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