31 March 2015

The Miyagawacho Museum Spring Event

 As you remember, on 29th of March, Maiko and Geiko of Hanafusa okiya performed in the Miyagawacho Art and Historical museum. They anwsered questions in regards their training, such as "How hard it is to be a maiko?", "Is it hard to dress up every day in such elaborate kimono?", "Is the training hard?", etc. It was a rare and good oppertunity for those, who wished to become a regular patron in the future or you who was just interested in the culture.
As the time came, the museum was full of visitors and patrons. Than Hanafusa okaasan Kikuyu came up and welcomed the audience. She sat carefully and took her shamisen(3-string japanese traditional guitar) and started preparing her notes. Than three maiko of Hanafusa is beautiful and colorful kimono entered the stage. As everyone was standing on right place, amiko-san gracefully sat on the tatami, placing their maioughi(dancing fans) before them.
"Otano moshimasu" - said three beautiful maiko and bowed to the audience
Than there was a very nice evening entertaining with Kyo mai Gion Kouta and Miyagawa Kouta :)
It was honor to meet new patrons, that also came from ASN. Thank you for your support^^
Photo's by Isoldel-san^^

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