19 March 2015

March Kitsuke

Geiko Kikuyu

Okaasan Kikuyu is wearing beautiful and very expensive mint susohiki, with tiny ships motif on it. The ships are like reminders that spring is almost here even still it still can snow. But soon, when the Sakura will start to bloom Winter shall pass away finally. Kikuyu san is also wearing a dark obi to match, which is decorated with gently-painted bird feathers - another reminder that Spring is brought on the wings of the birds. Her hair is decorated with small but very stylish accesories.
Everything in her, from her clothes to her character expresses freshness and beauty of Springtime

Sr Maiko Kikutsuru

Maiko Kikutsuru is not only the oldest maiko in Hanafusa Okiya and the atatori(heiress), she's also a magnificent person and oneesan(older sister, mentor) a maiko can wish for.
For March she is wearing fabulous white hikizuri with hand-painted motif. A work of art! Her obi different from Kikuyu san's - it is longer(over 7 meters!) and is called darari obi. It has gold woven pattern on it. Her hair is decorated with special kanzashi for older maiko - flowers of narcissus. Her obijime(small cord on the obi) is holding very expenside obidome(small brooches worn threaded onto the obijime, making a charming decoration on the front of the obi)

Jr Maiko Kikumaru

For Maiko Kikumaru this spring is supposed to be last as next spring she is supposed to become Sr Maiko - she will start wearing more elaborake hikizuri, other kanzashi and she will be wearing ofuku hairstyle as Kikutsuru san is wearing now. Also there shall come bigger responsibility BUT for now she still is Jr Maiko :)
Kikumaru chan is wearing very beutiful yellow silk hikizuri with flowers hand-painter all over - pink cherry and plum blossoms look like dancing around. Her amazing darari obi is decorated with woven flower pattern. Her hair is decorated with nanohana bloosom flowers and small butterflies

Jr Maiko Kikuno

Jr Maiko Kikuno has debuted last year in november, so she still is "new" in the kagai. She has worked as a maiko less than a year so she is painting only her lower lip and is wearing nanohana kanzashi with shidare(long chains of silk flowers). She looks so young and fresh, truly a spring flower.
Hikizuri worn by Maiko Kikuno is wearing a soft yet strong green hikizuri with cherry and plum blossoms on it. Obi is decorated with tsuru(crane) woven ornament, that is supposed ti bring her luck and prosperity :)

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