3 November 2015

Photos from Mizuekai 2015

On October 31st Miyagawacho kaburenjo has hosted 3rd annual Mizuekai during which guests could enjoy beautiful dances, poems and kabuki play created by Hanafusa okiya members.
Geiko Kikuyu in the role of narrating
Maiko Kikutsuru in the roles of Obaasan and Lead dancer
Maiko Kikumaru in the role of the Priest and Lead dancer
Minarai Kikuyumi in the role as Nobleman and Dancer

Act 1:  Odori no Aki

Act 2: Kabuki - The Fortune teller priest
Act 3: Kabuki - The Fortune teller priest

Act 4: Odori no Momiji - Dragon Boy tale

Act 5: Manzai odori

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