27 October 2015

October kitsuke

Long awaited October kitsuke of Hanafusa ladies has arrived!
October is called "the month of Chrysanthemum" and for Hanafusa ladies it is also very special month that is said to bring great luck("Kiku" part of the name means chrysanthemum). This is also the month when geiko, maiko and minarai switch over to lined kimono. Now lets have a look :)

Geiko Kikuyu


For October Okaasan has chosen beautiful purple lined susohiki.
Her obi is golden and has a woven pattern - the one who created this obi has created truly a masterpiece - we can see every detail of the house and trees.
In her right hand Okaasan Kikuyu is holding mai oughi - special fan for the dance.

Sr Maiko Kikutsuru  

Maiko Kikutsuru is wearing tender pink base hikizuri with many faded yellow maple leafs. The woven obi was chosen with great taste and is strong purple with silver and has the motif of a bridge filled with chrysantemums. 
Her hairstyle is called Ofuku and is decorated with seasonal kanzashi. For this month it is Chrysanthemum, which is flower of the month. (these flowers are well loved in Japan and are a symbol of the Imperial Family). As Maiko Kikutsuru is Senior maiko, she is wearing only one big chrysanthemum in her hair. 

Jr Maiko Kikumaru 

Maiko Kikumaru is wearing striped hikizuri with faded willow leafs. Her obi is amazing - she's wearing silver obi with beautiful women combs painted and embroidered. 
Her hairstyle is Jr one and is called wareshinobu and is worn by maiko for the first 2-3 years.
Her hair is also decorated with seasonal kanzashi but instead of one big chrysanthemum Maiko Kikutsuru wears, she's wearing cluster of small chrysanthemums

Minarai Kikuyumi
* Minarai(literary "watch and learn","learn by watching") is a short stage before debut as maiko. Young Minarai visits ozashiki with her older sister and observes the work of her oneesan. In miyagawacho, after 2 weeks from the minaraia maiko starts wearing hikizuri, kanzashi and obi of jr maiko. 

Minarai Kikuyumi is wearing for the month of October a red base hikizuri with stunning chrysanthemums. Her obi is green with maple leafs.
Her hairstyle is same as Kikumaru san, but Kikuyumi chan is also wearing shedare kanzashi(long chains of silk flowers)

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