27 November 2015

November Kitsuke

Maiko and geiko greet last month of autumn in wonderful mood - new Maiko Kikuyumi, little Hanafusa flower, that has debuted and Maiko Kikumaru, passing her special tea ceremony exam have made the first half of the month. Second half of the month was packed with banquets and  ozashiki. Its a pity that cold wind makes you not want to leave the warm and cozy kotatsu :)

Geiko Kikuyu

Okaasan Kikuyu is wearing a magnificent susohiki with eye-catching design - maple leaves on soft pink background - a very traditional autumn motif. For its creation the best and most expensive silks were used.
Obi is decorated with golden chrysanthemums on orange background. In Japan, the chrysanthemum is a symbol of the Emperor and the Imperial family. In particular, a mon of chrysanthemum blossom design, indicates a link to the Emperor. The chrysanthemum is also considered to be the seasonal flower of October BUT can be used as a specific autumn motif.

Sr Maiko Kikutsuru

For November, Maiko Kikutsuru has chosen beautiful white hikizuri, with falling maple leafs, chrysanthemum flowers painted by famous kimono artist. Textile is exquisite silk and has soft and comfortable touch.
Please notice the eri(collar) - it is white with red part on the back and it shows us that she is senior Maiko.
Her Darari obi (very long sash, worn by maiko - can be 600 centimeters) and has black and yellow geometrical motif on it. The green background of the obi really suits the green maple leaves on the hikizuri and makes the whole ensemble look stunning.
Her hairstyle is Ofuku and is decorated with kanzashi, that represent ginko leaves.

Jr Maiko Kikumaru

Jr Maiko Kikumaru has decided to wear this stunning hikizuri  that has carefully painted chrysantemum flowers, maple leafs and small snow piles on deep red background. 
Her eri is richly embroided with white treads but still we can see the red cloth - it means that she's still Jr Maiko.
Textile is exquisite glossy silk. 
Her obi is green, with yellow clouds painted on it. Clouds represent elegance and high status. In Buddhism, clouds signify the ‘Western Paradise’ beyond earth; and in Shintoism, the spirits of the dead. 

Jr Maiko Kikuyumi

I introduce you, Maiko Kikuyumi of Hanafusa Okiya, who has debuted only some days ago.
Little Yumi chan is wearing soft green hikizuri with autumn flowers and leafs on it. It looks similar to her oneesan's hikizuri, symbolizing that they are sisters. 
Her eri(collar) has crane embroidery on it.
The Darari obi of Kikuyumi chan has crane pattern embroidered on it. Tsuru(crane) - is symbol of longevity and good luck and is always referred to as “the bird of happiness”. 
Her hairstyle is wareshinobu and is decorated with seasonal shidare kanzashi :) Let's all wish her luck on the hard path she has chosen !

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