14 December 2015

Junior Maiko Kikune

Maiko Kikune in her summer attire
Watashi no namae wa Kikune desu 

Maiko no Hanafusa Okiya
Senior Maiko Kikutsuru is my ohumble oneesan

Before i became Kikune, my name was Kokoro. I was born in the town of Kamakura and lived a short distance from the beach where my father sold soba, corn on a stick and cold drinks to tourists.  I often would walk up to the Daibutsu and enter into the great statue by way of descending stairs.  One day as I was looking out of the stomach peep hole of the Daibutsu I saw a geisha praying and leave an offering.  I suddenly realized the meaning of obasans story.  I had spend much of my life inside of a shell afraid and  looking out at the world.  I decided then that I waned to seek an okiya and train to be geisha.  I would embrace simplicity, put others first and desire little. I would become a rare flower floating on the river to be a pleasure to all that met me along my journey.

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