1 July 2015

New Shikomi in Hanafusa okiya - Aiko chaaaan :)

Aiko comes from a small farming town near Kyoto where she lived with her parents. On a trip into Kyoto when she was small, Aiko was able to catch a glimpse of a beautifully dressed Maiko hurrying to her next appointment. That image left a grand impression on the girl. For the next few years, Aiko would try to collect and learn as much information as she could on Geiko. She hung advertisements for Odori onto her walls, read books at the library and she would even sneak into her mother’s makeup to paint her bottom lip the red, innocent way of the junior Maiko; anything so that she would feel closer to their world.
    Years later, while talking to her parents about what she wanted to do in life, Aiko told them that she wished to study the ways of the Geiko. Very shocked by this, her parents tried to dissuade her because of their fear of letting their small daughter go off into such a big city. However,  her parents finally let her make the journey to Kyoto to begin her life as a Shikomi.

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