15 February 2018

Weekend events at Kyoto Kagai sim

Good afternoon dear readers and patrons for my blog,
Here is list of events that will take place this weekend (Saturday 17th - Sunday 18th of February). Please feel free to come and bring your family and friends with you:

Saturday 17th: Ozashiki at Hanahusa ochaya
It is with great pleasure to invite you to the springtime ozashiki of Hanahusa ochaya on Saturday 17th of February. Come and celebrate the breathtaking but short lasting beauty of blooming plum trees with the shamisen music and the sound of silk sleeves.
 ❀ Date: 17th of February
 ❀ Time of arrival: 11 am slt
 ❀ Dress code: Semiformal
 ❀ Landmark: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kyoto/225/180/31
P.s. during this event a very special guest my visit our ochaya. Who might that be? come and find out

Sunday 18th: Kyoto museum event
On 18th of February The Museum of Art and Culture of Kyoto Kagai sim will be holding a dance event with geisha apprentices from Hanafusa Okiya. After the dance and poem recital you'll have a rare opportunity to ask them questions about their training. This event is a good time for those who would like to become a regular patron in the future or those who are interested in becoming geisha apprentice.
❀ Date: 18th of February
 ❀ Time of arrival: 7 am slt
 ❀ Dress code: Semiformal
 ❀ Landmark: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kyoto/53/225/31

Looking forward towelcoming you at our events.
Doozo youroshiku otanomoshimasu!

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