9 February 2018

February Kitsuke

Spring is slowly but firmly starts to take over Kyoto Kagai sim. Although there's still some snow the ground, first plum blossoms are starting to peak through the icy harden barks. One by one, all of the Plum trees will soon take over the area with their beautiful and magnificent sweet scent.
Geiko Kikuyu, Maiko Kikutsuru, Maiko Kikumaru, Maiko Kikune of Hanafusa okiya are also preparing for new season (deciding who will wear what during this spring and writing new poems and dances for ozashiki). Young Shikomi Kaori helps to take care of beautiful springtime Hikizuri - she's really a hard worker and also takes additional lessons. Who knows, maybe soon we will be preparing some minarai mochi for a very special event.....

Geiko Kikuyu

Okasan Kikuyu in her February attire

For February Okaasan Kikuyu decided to wear beautiful and very expensive mint geiko hikizuri, with flower motif on it. The hem of the kimono is colored in red which makes okaasan look striking when she dances or even simply walks. This piece is held with silver obi that fits the kimono pefectly. As a finishing touch, Kikuyu san has added a small rose maezashi(small hairpin) to her katsura.

Maiko Kikutsuru

Maiko Kikutsuru in her February atire
Maiko Kikutsuru is not only the oldest maiko in Hanafusa Okiya and the atatori(heiress) but she's also a magnificent person and oneesan(older sister, mentor) a maiko can wish for.
For February she is wearing fabulous blue hikizuri with hand-painted spring flower motif. Her obi different from Kikuyu san's - it is longer(over 7 meters!) and is called darari obi. It has gold woven pattern on it. Her hair is decorated with special kanzashi for older maiko - flowers of plum tree - she has decided hanakanzashi with one white plum blossom and two pink blossoms. Who knows, maybe these will be her last plum blossom kanzashi before she will "turn the collar"...

Maiko Kikumaru

Maiko Kikumaru in her February looks
For February Maiko Kikumaru has decided to wear elaborate light purple silk hikizuri with different seasonal motifs hand-painted - this hikizuri is multi seasonal (it means it can we worn during whole year except mid summer). Her amazing darari obi is has deep green backround and golden embroidery on it.
Her hairstyle is called ofuku(as you remember it is hairstyle of Sr Maiko, same as Kikutsuru san's) and is decorated with senior maiko kanzashi featuring plum blossoms; this is seasonal and is worn only during this month. Kikumaru san's hanakanzashi flowers are all white and give a final touch to the ansamble.

Maiko Kikune

Maiko Kikune in her February attir
Junior Maiko Kikune is wearing light pink hikizuri with sakura and plum blossom flow(hand-painted by talented kimono artist).
Her hairstyle is called Wareshinobu(and is worn only by Junior Maiko and minarai) and it might be one of last months when Kikune chan is wearing it - on next stage of her career she will become senior maiko and will change her hairstyle to Ofuku - hairstyle now worn by Maiko Kikutsuru and Kikumaru. Her darari obi is golden with beautiful pattern.  Fact! Maiko's Darari obi is 7 meters long and needs to be tied specially.

Shikomi Kaori

Shikomi Kaori of Hanafusa okiya

This February Kitsuke post is special as we show our praised shikomi Kaori, who has been working hard in the okiya since autumn of 2017. Not so long ago she has started helping her sisters during ozashiki. For a young shikomi this is great opportunity to watch as well learn, and of course decide if this something she would definitely do in the future. Guests of Kyoto Kagai have possibly met her during several events this year - she helped with greeting new arrivals.
She is now focusing on the final studies before she will be allowed to take an exam, and if she passes, official oneesan will be appointed and the girl will debut as minarai. She will than receive a professional name, that will have part of okiya's name (Hanafusa okiya has "Kiku-" part), part of oneesan's name and part of her own. 
For February, okaasan decided on beautiful light blue houmongi with springtime pattern featured on it (peony, sakura and also several small plum blossoms) for Kaori chan. 

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