5 February 2018

Setsubun at Yasaka Jinja in Kyoto Kagai

Members of Hanafusa okiya, greeting guests
after the performance
Setsubun is the day preceding risshun that is the first day of spring according to the old Japanese calendar. On the day of Setsubun, many celebrations are held. Especially in Kyoto Kagai SL. Maiko san and Geiko san of Hanafusa okiya, dressed in their formal attire, danced sacred dances on the stage of the Yasaka Jinja shrine. After the dance, they participated in ancient auspicious custom of throwing roasted soybeans. While throwing they chanted: “In with Fortune! Out with Evil” in order to prevent evil ogres from entering the houses of the guests and patrons of the Kyoto Kagai.
P.S. if you eat the same number of beans as your age you will have a year of good health! Itadakimasu!!

Participants: Okasan Kikuyu, Sr Maiko Kikutsuru, Sr Maiko Kikumaru, Jr Maiko Kikune and shikomi Kaori (it was her first Setsubun, omedetou neechan!)

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