18 February 2018

Minaraia of Kikushino chan

Maiko Kikumaru and Minarai Kikushino
On a warm February evening a young minarai made her first steps into the world of Karyukai. These days it is a rare to spot a minarai san in the Kagai not only due to short time period this stage occurs but and busy schedule, but also due to fact that Second Life Maiko and Geiko culture is declining. That's why every time i see a new girl debuting as minarai it makes me rejoice as never before. Seeing a new soul that has chosen the path of apprentice and Kyoto Kagai sim as her home is like a new star appearing in the sky - bright little dot who has a long way before her until she becomes a gorgeous and magnificent sun.
On the Saturday evening a young star has appeared on the sky of the Kagai - Shikomi Kaori of Hanafusa okiya, who's exam took place earlier that week, made her minarai debut in Hanahusa ochaya. Okaasan has decided that new minarai name of Kaori chan will be "Kikushino", which means "your aspiring chrysanthemum" and the future oneesan and mentor will 2nd oldest maiko in Hanafusa okiya Senior Maiko Kikumaru.

"Omedetou san dosu Kikuteru chan. Your Okaasan, oneesan and sisters are proud of you"

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