30 July 2017

Summer picnic in the gardens of Kyoto Kagai sim

End of June - August has always been the hottest part of summer. Even koi fish want to hide deeper, where cooler waters are.
In Kyoto Kagai, there is a perfect summer spot where you can hide and enjoy and relax some. It is located in the Kytot Kagai sim's gardens. The blanket with several zabutons is placed in the shade of big trees as well as near the small river to help our guests forget about the hot sun and crowded streets.
This time, Maiko Kikune held a picnic, first time this year. She was accompanied by other maiko san from her okiya. By serving refreshments, summery foods and tasty snacks as well as by entertaining with smart conversations, Maiko from Hanafusa okiya bring the refreshing change, not only into the bodies but also into the hearts and souls of visitors...
Next time we meet, will be very special event - misedashi(debut) of a new maiko! So do not be shy, and visit us anytime you like. Our sim and hearts are open for everyone :)

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