2 July 2017

Ozashiki Memories

As well as Kyoto Kagai sim, Hanahusa ochaya never closes its gates. Now is quite a busy season, with lots of ozashiki and open air picnics. Ochaya staff needs to plan every event with precise care: how should the tokonoma in the ozashiki room be decorated, what scroll to use, what courses should be served(if ozashiki in ochaya it will definitely be Kyoto Kaiseki with seasonal delicacies and if picnic that it can be less formal type of food), what types of refreshments are to be bought, what type of sake bottle to use as well as what sake cups, which maiko and geiko to invite for the banquet.
Maiko Kikune during her dance
This Saturday was no different as Hanahusa ochaya held ozashiki for the guests and patrons of Kyoto Kagai sim. Maiko Kikutsuru has entertained guests with shamisen music while Maiko Kikumaru, Maiko Kikune and Minarai Kikuteru served guests with refreshing mugicha(barley tea) and Miyagawacho "flying" sake. In case our guests felt too hot, they had an option of choosing an uchiwa(summer fan). When the meals were eaten, Maiko Kikune performed her first dance performance as Ichinmae maiko (Ichiname is stage of maiko when she passes 1 year after the debut). From now on, my dear readers, we will see much more of Kikune san as performer as well as musician.

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