24 July 2017

Konchiki Ondo on Yasaka Jinja

Dear reader of Hanafusa okiya blog,

As in rl Kyoto Kagai, our sim as well as it's maiko and geiko members, take part in Gion Matsuri celebrations. After the Hanagasa Junko parade, Maiko san from Miyagawacho performed Konchiki ondo. The name of the dance comes from distinctive Konchiki chain of Gion Bayashi folk music. They wore special white thin kimono with hakata obi (obi sash with hakata-ori textile) which was pink against a white background in Ushiromi musubi (a way of knotting the obi sash) style. In their hands they hold an uchiwa fan with crests of festival and the Yasaka shrine.
After the dance, guests were able to make memorable photos with Maiko san from Hanafusa okiya.

This years performers :

❀ Maiko Kikutsuru
❀ Maiko Kikumaru
❀ Maiko Kikune
❀ Maiko Kikuyae
❀ Minarai Kikuteru (soon to debut as maiko)

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