9 July 2017

Evening ozashiki at Oume

Another ozashiki took place in Kyoto Kagai. This evening Maiko Kikutsuru was a musician and created a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere with her skillful play on the koto. After the guests have settled, Maiko Kikuyae brought the tray with Kyoto Kaiseki dishes while Kikuteru san brought sake and expensive wines. It is important to for Minarai Kikuteru to watch and learn how every inch of work is done as she is quite soon to debut as
Maiko Kiktsuru playing the koto
As well as enjoying their meal and good music, guests were delighted to speak with intelligent young Maiko. Starting clever conversations and keeping it alive is one of the hardest assets in Maiko and Geiko work as it requires knowledge in different aspects - traditional and modern art, Japanese culture, literature(Japanese as well as other), important events, politics, philosophy etc. I do not count the knowledge of Karyukai traditions as it is simply a must. As well as smart, ozahsiki conversations are to be relaxing rather then debates. Hard job, ne? :) Nevertheless, starting from early stages, maiko in Hanafusa okiya learn how to create an ideal conversation using all her knowledge and sense of humor to provide quality entertainment in Second life realm. 
After last ozashiki, the proprietress of the Oume received many requests from the visitors of her Wine Bar asking for more day and evening ozashiki. She has contacted Okaasan Kikuyu of Hanafusa okiya so to plan the ozashiki with maiko san of Hanafusa okiya, and it was decided that there will be 1 or 2 weekly, depending on the month. 

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