14 June 2017

Ozashiki at Oume

Maiko at Ozashiki

Not only Hanafusa okiya maiko perform at Hanahusa ochaya. During weeks there are ozashiki also at Oume - high class wine restaurant where maiko san serve and dance for guests same as during saturday ozashikis. Here guests can enjoy expensive types of wines and converse with intelligent yet humble maiko or geiko.
This ozashiki was provided by the proprietress of the Oume, whi invited Maiko Kikutsuru as oldest maiko, two younger maikos Kikune and Kikuyae and Minarai Kikuteru. Oneesan Maiko Kikutsuru played shamisen and provided the music accompaniment for the ozashiki. Younger maiko and minarai chatted with guests, alongside learning the way of perfect behavior from their older sister. They watched her moves and way she speaks, so that in the future teach their imoutos the ideal way of being a maiko.

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