27 June 2017

Museum Event in Kyoto Kagai

Minarai Kikuteru during the Kyo mai dance
Kyoto Kagai sim's life never stops, no matter the weather or holidays. As well as in real life kagai, we also hold performances for tourists and those who want to know more about the Japanese traditions as well as maiko and geiko culture. They are held in Kyoto Museum and usually consists of two parts: first part is a poem or a story accompanied by a kyo mai dance. It is one of maiko san duties to write good poetry and stories as well as a dance to fit it. The second part, guests can ask maiko or  geiko questions. Questions are usually regarding training and careeer: starting from hair and kanzashi hairpins, tips about choosing a perfect kimono, favorite shops, lessons at nyokoba school, favorite second life places etc. to "how to be as perfect" and sisterhood relations in okiya.
Maiko Kikune during the dance
This is a good way for new residents and guests to meet maiko san and admire their talents. For the convenience of our guests, these events are held on Sundays, once or sometimes twice a month 10.20 am slt. Performers are members of Hanafusa okiya. Arare sight - senior maikos, that are not far from their erikae perform side by side with newly debuted young maikos.
We are always happy to meet new people that come to our performances. So do not be shy next time, come to Museum event and enjoy the amusing dance and charming looks of maiko san from Hanafusa okiya.

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