9 June 2017

Okiya News!

Dear guests and readers of my blog,
I am happy to announce that Maiko Kikune of Hanafusa okiya is now ichinimae maiko, meaning that she has stepped into her second year as a Maiko san. She will have different kanzashi from her younger sisters, Kikushino and Kikuyae, yet no ones that her older sisters wear. Also she will have difference in make up from her neechans..Well, let me explain this to you, using pictures of our little summer star ^^
Maiko Kikune in 1st year maiko attire
On this picture you can see Junior Maiko Kikune as a Haninmae or 1st Year Maiko, same as Maiko Kikushino and Kikuyae. Her hairdo is called wareshinobu, decorated with seasonal kanzashi. She is wearing a "dangling" part, that resembles her young stature. Her make up has lots of pink and has only the lower lip painted.
Her duty is mostly to serve food and drinks, welcoming guests at ozashiki; rarely dance as they need to learn all dances by heart. And that does take a lot of time. Right before a maiko changes rank, she can be allowed to wear clothes from the
next rank. Here we see young maiko
Maiko kikune in her 2nd year attire
wearing more senior kimono.
On the second picture you can see Kikune san as she is now, ichinmae maiko or second year maiko. She is still wearing her wareshinobu hairdo and she'll continue wearing it till her mizuage. If you look at the kanzashi, the "dangling" part is missing. Also you can notice that her upper lip is painted. Though, lips are not as big are of Maiko Kikutsuru or Maiko Kikumaru. Also she will have her eri(collar) decorated with more white, which will show that she is maturing. She is now also having more variety in semiformal outfits. Also she will start performing more at ozashikis. With new rank comes new responsibilities, but let us all wish her look as the hardest year is behind. Omedetou san dosu!

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