11 June 2017

Ozashiki at Hanahusa ochaya (Saturday 10th of June)

Maiko Kikumaru during her dance
Yesterday Hanahusa ochaya held an ozashiki for the members of the hanamachi. This was quiet yet cozy event: ochaya commissioned traditional Japanese summer sweets, cold types of tea and unique Miyagawacho "flying" sake. Maiko Kikune and Kikuyae served guests with great care while young Maiko Kikuteru, who debuted not far back in time, was to "look and learn".
After the guests have finished their meal, candles were lit and Maiko Kikumaru performed poetical dance called "The fan of Lady Izumi"(both poem and dance is created by her).
Though it was a simple event, it is great honor to entertain such a delightful audience. In every dace, in every sake cup, in any move maiko or geiko share their love and admiration for the profession, even in sl...

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