19 September 2017

September Kitsuke

Geiko Kikuyu
For the last month of summer, Okaasan Kikuyu has chosen black susohiki with firework design. This design is usually associated with Obon celebrations which were held in Kyoto Kagai sim not so long ago. The obi is woven, embroidered with pink threads on beige background.
As she is holding the hem of her kimono, we can see pink juban with red flowers. Pink juban is used by Geiko san when Maiko wear only red juban.
In her left hand she is holding her personal kago with her name sewn on it. In Hanafusa okiya there is a tradition, when okaasan gives newly debuted girl kago with girl's name on it.
Maiko Kikutsuru
The oldest maiko and atatori of Hanafusa okiya, Maiko Kikutsuru wears light green hikizuri with falling leaves design. As i have mentioned, in Japan September is summer month, so maiko san can wear summer cotton kimono called yukata as well as hikizuri that are unlined.
Kimono is tied with woven Darari obi, that has willow and butterfly design on it.
As okaasan Kikuyu, Maiko Kikutsuru is holding the hem of her kimono, showing red juban with summer-autumn motif.
Her hairstyle is called ofuku and is decorated with seasonal Kikyou (bellfower) Kanzashi. The ones that worn by senior Maiko are different from those worn by the Junior's. While Juniors have kanzashi that consist of many little flowers, Senior maiko wear big, usually single flower (triple flowers are used by maiko who had their mizuage less than a year. When yeas has passed, they get to wear single flower Kanzashi)
Maiko Kikumaru
On 27th Maiko Kikumaru has stepped in her last stage as maiko - she is now Yoninmae Maiko.
Omedetou san dosu Kikumaru san!
Senior maiko Kikumaru has chosen special hikizuri, designed by Kiku no Iki shop. This is multi seasonal shibori hikizuri with flower and origami crane motif on bright green background.
Kimono is tied with black Darari obi that has many different flowers on it, meaning it can be used in spring, summer and autumn months.
Her hairstyle and kanzashi are same as those worn by Maiko Kikutsuru.
You might have noticed that both Maiko Kikutsuru and Kikumaru wear black lacquered okobo. This is quite a rare sight, mainly because maiko wear them with formal ensemble during misedashi/shigyoshiki/erikae etc. Only time maiko wear them with semiformal outfits is summer months.
Maiko Kikune
Hikizuri of Maiko Kikune has autumn flowers and fans, hand painted on a pink background. Her Darari obi is black and has butterfly and grass motif, which is more summery motif.
Her hairstyle is called wareshinobu and this is the main hairstyle for Junior maiko and minarai.
The kanzashi, as i have told before are different from the Senior ones, and feature many small bellflowers.
In one hand she is holding the hem of her kimono, in other hand - special red kago, that was gifted to her on her misedashi day by Okaasan Kikuyu. If you look closely you will see that is has name of Maiko Kikune's name embroidered on it.
Maiko Kikuteru
The youngest Maiko Kikuteru is wearing purple hikizuri, with water flow, leafs and flower motifs. Colors and design of this kimono has cooling effect when you look at it.
The Obi is black with geometrical motif, chrysanthemum flowers and paulownia leafs hand painted on i.
As she has worked as maiko for less than a year, she paints only her lower lip and wears "dangling" part attached to the hanakanzashi.
As well as her older sisters, she holds the hew of her hikizuri in her left hand, showing her red juban with summer-autumn pattern. In her right hand she holds a cute kago, that has all the essencials that might be needed during the day.

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