21 October 2017

Important note!

Dear readers,
Please excuse me for quietness this month. Recently there have been changes that have occurred the life of Hanafusa okiya members:

1) WE HAVE MOVED! Yes, that is true. The official opening of our new sim is still to take place, though we have already started holding events and you are welcome to visit our new sim that is even more detailed and precise as RL Kyoto Hanamachi. Please use this landmark Kyoto Kagai Sim and do not be shy to pay a visit anytime :)
2) If you are interested in renting a house or a shop, please contact Maiko Kikutsuru(Miehina) for more information and availability.
3) EVENTS! It was decided that this year's Mizuekai performance will be moved to November 22nd. Maiko and Geiko san of Hanafusa okiya have already started the preparations. More information is soon to come.
4) Again, Hanafusa okiya has opened its doors for the applicants. As i have mentioned previously, Hanafusa okiya is a training establishment and boarding house in which you can be educated to be a Geiko. It is located in Miyagawacho Hanamachi of Kyoto Kagai sim, and is based on the actual okiya in real life Kyoto. As well in our Okiya you will be taught the various arts of real Geiko. You have weekly lessons, which ends with homework that has to be approved before your next class is provided. Please contact Maiko Kikutsuru(Miehina) if you need an application form. For those who are interested but are still doubting, Kyoto Kagai holds events, known as Museum event, where you can ask maiko about their carrier and training at Hanafusa okiya.

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