2 September 2017

Yukatakai 2017

Last week Miyagawacho Kaburenjo held odori, know as Yukatakai. For those who do not know, this is annual event, in which maiko and geiko of Kyoto kagai sim participate in. During it, guests and patrons could admire talents as well as notice changes in the kagai. This year was special for maiko Kikuteru, as it was her fist odori since she has debuted as maiko and last for Maiko Kikutsru, as 2017 is last year in her maiko career before she will "turn her collar".
For those who couldn't come but extremely wished to, here is a small description of the acts.
Please enjoy :)
Yukatakai 2017. Act 1
Act 1: Opening
Okasan Geiko Kikuyu welcomes guests and patrons with a speech while Maiko san create a perfect atmosphere by performing on traditional instruments: Maiko Kikuteru(shimedaiko), Maiko Kikune (fue), Maiko Kikumaru(fue), Geiko Kikuyu(shamisen), Maiko Kikutsuru(kotozumi), Maiko Kikuyae(otozumi)

Yukatakai 2017. Act 2
Act 2: Odori no Natsu

Geiko Kikuyu accompanied by Maiko Kikutsuru and Maiko Kikumaru perform a folklore summer dance. The story is self written by Maiko Kikumaru and tells us about the disappearance of summer and a butterfly who went searching for it. In their hands dancers are holding personalized uchiwa (summer fans)

Yukatakai 2017. Act 3

Act 3: Odori no Wakayabi

Maiko and Geiko of Hanafusa okiya perform together on the stage. The prop they are using is a dance fan called maioughi.
 The poem for this act was written by Maiko Kikune herself.

Yukatakai 2017. Act 4
Act 4 : The Master and the Student

The 4th act of this years odori was dance of 3 young maiko of Hanafusa okiya: Kikune, Kikuyae and Kikuteru. Poem for this dance was written by Maiko Kikuyae. At the back, seniors of Hanafusa okiya (Geiko Kikuyu, Maiko Kikutsuru and Kikumaru) play on shamisens.

Yukatakai 2017. Act 5

Act 5: Odori no Uchiwa

In this final act maiko and geiko participants of the odori perform a small poem each. In their hands they hold a personalized uchiwa, with mon of their okiya on one side and their names written in kanji on the other side

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