18 March 2017

Performing at Yasaka Jinja...

by Annie Brightstar
Higashiyama Hanatoro (also written Hanatouro) is one of the two Hanatoro events held in Kyoto sim every year; the other one being Arashiyama Hanatoro in December. There is really a lot to see at Higashiyama Hanatoro, from dancing Hanafusa Maiko to Yasaka Jinja beautifully bathed in light. Higashiyama Hanatoro is held while it should still be a bit early for sakura cherry blossoms but you should be able to see plum blossoms.

The event is a chance for you to see Kyoto in a new spring light – with a lot less light, one could also say. Walk in the narrow streets of Higashiyama and hope that an apprentice geisha, maiko, comes by, or just go see the maiko dance at Yasaka Shrine where you are guaranteed to see them!
Pictures: by Annie Brightstar

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