6 March 2017

Hina Matsuri celebrations

Dear patrons of Kyoto Kagai sim,
Thank you for celebrating Hina Matsuri with us. We look forward to seeing You later this month!
For those who wanted but couldn't participate, i'll give a small report. The celebrations took place at the renewed Gion Higashi ochaya. Guests were welcomed by Maiko of Hanafusa okiya togather with magnificent display of Hina dolls, that belong to okiya.
For Maiiko Kikune, Kikushino and Kikuyae it was first Hina Matsuri in their profession so this celebrations was very special.
After the sweets were served and tea was drunk, Maiko Kikutsuru entertained the guests with beautiful dance, featuring springtime story.

As part of Hina Matsuri calabrations, Maiko san accompanied guests towards the Yasaka Jinja shrine.

Photographer: Maiko Kikuyae

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