8 March 2017

March Kitsuke

Geiko Kikuyu 

For March okasan Kikuyu has chosen susohiki in solid yellowish color. A nice woven obi with folded fans accompanies her outfit.
After the erikae, when maiko becomes geiko, hairstyles change to styled katsura(wigs). We can see a nicely styles katsura worn by geiko Kikuyu on the picture. Her hair is decorated with small but very stylish accessory called maezashi.
White tabi is a must and a spare pair is always carried in maiko/geiko's kago.

Senior Maiko Kikutsuru

Senior Maiko Kikutsuru is wearing beautiful and very expensive mint hikizuri, with fan motif on it. If we look closely every fan has a seasonal flower painted on it: plums, irises, peonies, etc. A long darari obi, worn only by maiko, holds the kimono tight and features woven golden motif.
Her hairstyle is called ofuku. It is decorated with seasonal kanzashi - (daffodil is flower sr Maiko wear during March)

Senior Maiko Kikumaru

For this month, Maiko Kikmaru has decided to wear a special hikizuri, presented to her by a good friend. The background of it is solid green with hand-painted white apple blossoms. Her obi is decorated with gold and silver threads, creating a beautiful flowery design.
As she is senior maiko(like Kikutsuru san) she has her hair styled in ofuku hairstyle and decorated with seasonal daffodil flower.

Junior Maiko Kikune

Jr Maiko Kikune has debuted last year in July, so she still is "new" in the kagai. She has worked as a maiko less than a year so she is painting only her lower lip and is wearing nanohana kanzashi with shidare(long chains of silk flowers). She looks so young and fresh, truly a spring flower.
Hikizuri worn by Kikune chan is wearing a soft pink hikizuri with plum blossoms on it. Obi is decorated with woven ornament,

Junior maiko Kikushino

Maiko Kikushino is wearing very beautiful pale green silk hikizuri with flowers hand-painter all over - pink plum blossoms look like dancing around. Her amazing darari obi is decorated with hand-painted uchiwa fans. If we look at the closely, we can see that every uchiwa had different flower design.
Her hair is decorated with nanohana blossom flowers and small butterflies - a perfect kanzashi choice for junior maiko.

Junior Maiko Kikuyae

Junior Maiko Kikuyae is wearing light yellow color with spring flowers, hand-painted by talented kimono artist. Although it has some multi seasonal motifs, it goes really good with the sakura kazashi on her head. Her darari obi is purple with beautiful gold butterlies pattern. This obi motif is to bring luck and the feeling of springtime.
As she is still Jr Maiko, her hairtyle is Wareshinobu - same as her neesan's Maiko Kikune and Maiko Kikushino.

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