15 February 2017

February Ozashiki Memories

From left to right:
Sr Maiko Kikutsuru(dark purple and shamisen),
Sr Maiko Kikumaru(red), Junior Maiko Kikune(green) and
Jr Maiko Kikuyae(purple with plum blossoms)
Several days ago we had fist springtime ozashiki in Hanahusa ochaya. A day before ozashiki, one patron asked me question that might interest You, my dear readers, too:"Springtime? Its still February - the last month on winter?!" Well, in Japanese seasonal calendar February is the first month of spring as starting from this time Momo or plum start to bloom. In some parts of Japan there is still snow and the plum trees bloom with red or pink blossoms,reminding us that soon spring will win over.

Sr Maiko Kikumaru during the dance

It was great pleasure to welcome so many new guests and also the sim patrons. Maiko Kikuyae and Maiko Kikune, although they are still 1st year maikos, served food and drinks quite skilfully, not spilling a drop of sake or soup. Maiko Kikutsuru impressed the ozashiki guests with her talented shamisen play. After every patron and guest has eaten, Maiko Kikumaru danced a dance, called "Only ancient willow tree knows the truth".

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