25 February 2017

February Kitsuke

Geiko Kikuyu

For this first month of spring, Okaasan Kikuyu decided on susohiki with flowery pattern all over the green background. Accompanied by golden obi, the whole outfit looks extremely spring-time. Her eri(collar) is pure white without any embroidery, meaning she is a grown woman and artist.
Her juban(underskirt) is pink, different from the ones worn by Maiko. Her hair is a wig(katsura) decorated with expensive ornaments such as kushi(comb) and small maezashi pin.

Senior Maiko Kikutsuru

Maiko Kikutsuru, oneesan of Kikumaru and Kikune, has chosen dark purple hikizuri with hand-painted peony flowers and butterflies. Obi sash is green with golden fans skilfully painted. Her collar is almost fully covered with white embroidery, only a small part on the back is left red. 
Her hair is decorated with seasonal kanzashi. February is the month of Plum blooming across Japan, so the kanzashi of this month are made to look like plum blossoms.

Senior Maiko Kikumaru

For February Maiko Kikumaru has chosen pale green hikizuri with special hand painted design - it has fans with different springtime (sakura, plum etc.) and several summertime flowers(iris etc.). This means that this hikizuri can we worn not only during spring but also in the beginning of summer. Obi is orange, with green fans painted. 
Her hairstyle is called Ofuku and is decorated with plum blossom kanzashi(same as Kikutsuru san but different color). 

Junior Maiko Kikune

Young Maiko Kikune is wearing beautiful deep green hikizuri with multiseasonal pattern. Her obi is same as her oneesan, Maiko Kikutsuru, but in different color. 
Her hair is decorated with seasonal kanzashi that are different from the ones worn by Senior Maiko - the ones worn by Maiko Kikune feature small blossoms while Maiko Kikutsuru and Kikumaru are wearing 1 big blossom. Also you can notice that Kikune chan is wearing flower bridge while senior Maiko san wear combs.

Junior Maiko Kikushino

For February Maiko Kikushino decided to wear white based hikizuri with plum blossom flowers which is accompanied by yellow obi. Her eri is red with white embroidery as she is still a young Maiko san. 
Her hairstyle is wareshinobu and is decorated with seasonal kanzashi although different in color.
Juban is always red for a maiko, with seasonal pattern.
On her feet she wears white tabi and she has spare pair in her kago basket.

Junior Maiko Kikuyae

The youngest Maiko in Hanafusa okiya, Maiko Kikuyae, has decided to wear deep purple hikizuri. The desing of it is exquisite - you can see tree covered with snow and little snowflakes falling while several plum branches are blooming. This hikizuri is specially reserved for February. Her obi is green with geometrical pattern.
Maiko Kikuyae is a young maiko so she is wearing red eri (collar) with little of white embroidery. If you look closely she has cranes embroidered on her eri - an auspicious motif.

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