20 August 2016

Yukata Kai 2016 in Miyagawacho Hanamachi

Today I'd like to tell you about the event that took place not so long ago - The Yukata Kai 2016. This year it was very special. Special for he two young sikomi chans, Yumi and Ayumi, as this was their first odori (dance) event. They had to practice new dances for quite a long time and prepare their first poem. Sepcial for the young maiko Kikune, as this was her first odori after her Misedashi ( her debut that was held in July). This was very special for the most senior maiko's of Hanafusa, Kikutsuru and Kikumaru. Special for Geiko Kikuyu, the okaasan of Hanafusa okiya, as she is the main creator of events and odori's in Miyagawacho Hanamachi. But there is another reason, equally important to everybody that is in any way connected with Miyagawacho... THIS WAS THE LAST ODORI ON NADINE SIM. Yes, this is true. Miyagawacho Hanamachi is not only moving to a new sim, but also transforming into a bigger and even more beautiful Kyoto Kagai, created from scratch by talented Maiko Kikutsuru. It will soon open its gates for everyone during the Grand Opening.

As for now on, lets have a small glimpse on the photos from the Yukata kai. We hope you liked it as much as we did :)

Performers: Geiko Kikuyu, Sr Maiko Kikutsuru, Sr Maiko Kikumaru, Jr Maiko Kikuno, Shikomi Yumi, Shikomi Ayumi

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